Mega oof to 5 man MM

I was gonna brag about how I just had the sweatiest Ardan game where I played near perfectly. My Celeste and I took every CP Treant that spawned (Including the enemy Treants), my rotations were o n p o i n t, and every single Gauntlet I threw down confirmed at least 2 kills…now I feel bad…and yes I was in a 5 man party

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lol. personally, i notice the difference within the first 2 minutes of playing.

I know other players don’t notice, but damn son… you should’ve noticed this one at the very least.

i notice a skill difference in the same tier and having only mere 10 points separating us.

Yeah I was just really into the game that match to notice the skill difference. We had such amazing synergy that game lmao. Well…I did have the suspicion since that game went way too well…funny thing is that I gained a decent amount of elo too. 13 or 15 I think.

i notice it when i’m playing a blackfeather in the middle of 5 players and non of them are targeting me.

I notice it all the way to the late game when my team never goes for the dragons ( over confidence ) and even dares to go AFK for 5 minutes, taking turns to afk, essentially making it a 4 v 5 the entire match.

… then wonders why we lost even thou we stomped them to the ground taking all their turrets in the first 15 minutes.

no afk forgiveness, because they’re not actually afk. they just like being statues in game.

ah man… the memories. and that’s just one game.

Meanwhile I lost 4 straight as Ozo top that managed to 1v2 and somehow my team lost a 4v3

13 to that match is a lot of elo , 1 Elo is generous in my opinion it should be zero elo .

Yeah I have no clue how I got so much elo

too bad this never happens to me and instead i have to go against chuck with his 3 man VG silver party while I have really really really bad allies who aren’t even partying.

I remember when 5v5 first came out. I was matched with pros constantly lmao

I saw you in one of DNZio’s YouTube videos and was sure I recognized your name from somewhere lol. IIRC he was vox and you were top CP Baron (lol)

Sh don’t talk about that game ;----;

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