Mega Excoundrel vid on 3.4

I didn’t see the link to this up yet… Fantastic discussion!


Holy lord this patch is gonna be AMAZING.
Things that caught my attention so far in 20 minutes of watching:

  • Lorelai and Phinn -> Water Denizen: River buff is apllied in both ways.
  • All heroes are faster, but all boots are slower (by 0.1) for a less sluggish early game.
  • CDA is now changed to CDR with a 45% cap. This nerfed certain heroes, but those heroes were buffed for compensation
  • Attack speed items nerf + attack speed buff to heroes
  • Phinn’s epic talent is now a reality with Capacitor Plate (all heals, barriers, and fortified health grant movement speed)
  • Battle Royale - there is now backdoor protection (it wasn’t
    discussed, however)
  • Echo is removed
  • Fountain is now essentially Warthreads also (Capcitor Plate: heals will grant movement speed, 10s CD per hero)
  • Armories respawn
  • Churnwalker’s ult is reworked to be centered around him (it wasn’t discussed as of 20 minutes yet)
  • Grace’s ult when overdriven now has 30 sec CD (which is around 16.5 sec) (yas Captain Grace, come through)
  • Lyra detonation heal nerfed (which is reasonable)

(Sorry if they are all over the place. I’m just remembering on top of my head)


  • Echo was removed because it was unhealthy for the game, and it limited what they can do in terms of designing skills. You can thank Echo for some of the nerfs to Captains because they were balanced with Echo in mind. (Good riddance tbh)
  • Clockwork Rework: Skills with CD less than 30 sec benefit from it more. (Abilities reduce all CD by 10%, 3 sec max, 3 sec CD)

Absolutely hate how long the video is when I just wanna read the new stuff so new items:



3.4: The update that made me reinstall


I can’t be bothered to watch all this, I guess I’ll just be confused until notes release. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ You guys coming through with the important stuff though, thanks for taking one for the team and watching all this.

So why are they adding this ridiculously OP support items? I know I said I wanted new items and for defense to be better but not all of this. I guess supports will be more important again so I can’t complain. I’m kinda mad they actually added some things I wanted, I kinda wanted to unistall or give my account away.

towards the end, they talk about 5v5 turret changes, dragon changes. I’m a little doubtful that the changes will work as intended, which is to extend game length for pro games, but still give a means to end games for low tiers, so it doesn’t drag out.

Hopefully it does work as intended.


YEEEESSS WP Taka will become surpreme, CP won’t die which is super annoying because no game should have a hero who just bursts you then runs away heals up and bursts you again but at least WP Taka will be better.

How I feel about the item changes is that it’s going to make the fights a lot more fast patch which I really enjoy and think the game needed but it’s going to make laning even more awkward with how slow heroes will play comparatively. With all the mobility added to the new support items and tornado trigger now adding movement speed for every attack all of the fast past action will stay exclusive to teamfights while laning will be so boring and excessively slow even more then before with their added defense now super lame.

I’m Phinn and Lorelai got buffs the two supports I like the most (with Lance if he was viable). Grace didn’t need a buff and will be super OP,(I like her because of her tankiness but my God the full heals are going to be so annoying). .

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grace and cath were adjusted bc they were heroes who used echo and lots of cda but since echo ded cdr reworked they had to adjust them, wp grace’s heals on the other hand…

wp grace didnt get a nerf, the attack changes are a buff to her, so time to make a tyrants monocle grace skin…

Roam is so boring role even as a roam there nothing really much we can do

Erm no… you get to control your team. Assist 3 lanes instead of 1. Controls your carries and junglers.

Heal the heros you want to heal.

Rook degree is Unity that got repurposed isnt it?

Wait so Ageis and Slubering gives 150 armour?

i never said she was nerfed, i was also implying that wp grace benefits from it because she doesnt build echo anyways.

Hence my 70% winrate as roam…

Captain is very impactful…

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They should have reverted Rona’s attack damage back to 85% or make it at least 83% instead of its current 80%. She is supposed to be a sustain warrior that can sustain but doesn’t warrior. I get that her early game felt oppressive in low tiers and stuff but me being a good Rona I liked the challenge that I received from my opponents because in high tiers theres a thing that separated Rona from a bandwagon one and a good one.

Foesplitter nerfs are okay and that is where all of her early game damage came from not her AA. Maybe minion defense nerfs will treat her better and the fact that games will definitely be longer will be good too but in a game where there are literally mortal wounds everywhere can we just give Rona some of her early game power back?

Can we make SAW cool too? Delete his WP path and make his CP path the more preferred one. Give SAW a marker (like his face) to tell you that GO IN AND STAB THAT PERSON. It would make him more fun because you don’t have to do calculations before hand to tell if someone who is a little above half health will get one shot or not. I just like the fact that he can do a stab then a B then a stab again. CP is fun for the player and it has counterplay potential and can lead to good and much easier balancing.
I like this update and stuff but when it changes an aspect it REALLY changes it and change is a good thing but this is very drastic so there is gonna be a lot of getting use to, and really bad roamers.

Can’t wait to use adagio with even more heal spam lol

Triple Plates and Crucibles Rare talent Adagio gonna be the new Blitz poopstrat


Passives don’t stack though, right?

dear god I hope not