Maybe I Need a Hobby

Just finished a super fun ARAM and hit Level 200! :partying_face: (I was Evelynn, and it was a close one! But I got a quadra in the final teamfight at our base, and the three of us who survived dashed to their base and won it. Only got an A+, but it was tough surviving all their cc!)

Anyway, I got quite a bit of loot for hitting 200: 3 champ shards, a gemstone, and a new emote :confetti_ball:


Groovey icon Hazel! :ozo:


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Iā€™m LOVING the Space Groove theme ā€“ hope there will be more of them in the future! Future ā€¦ get it? :laughing:

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now why does that gives me celeste vibe and what game is this?

its League of Legends and that splash art for my ptofile is iG Irelia and my profile icon is Battle Academia Leona

edit: as for Hazeleyes profile thats Space Groove Lux

oh ok

30 characters is a must i guess