Maximizing Gold Effieciency by PhysixVG

The Scroll of Knowledge

Credits to PhysicsVG


Idris 5 crystal bits…

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y u dew dis to my title >:0 @hazeleyes

What are you talking about?

nvm >_>

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And with that logic when you have few t1/t2 items and I finish the t3 item and got boots/t1 def - I will have a real fun dominating the lane that will lead to even more massive difference in gold. :slight_smile:

I see your logic and for some heroes/cases it’s totally working and used quite a lot, but it’s not generally valid as a rule.

i do this all the time in BR. 1 battery and 5 crystal bits = 100 CP + energy regen

even when the enemy dies and comes back, i still have more CP than the Heavy Prism and Eclipse Prism they buy, which gives 50 + 35 = 85 CP

6 Crystal bits not 5 crystal bits.

Tfw your original post just said 6 but then you had a 30 word limit on your essay.