Matchmaking spread?

For real?
How can they call this matchmaking?

The spread means people t8-t9 with t3-4 together. But that doesn’t make an even match. Enemy got fed by the noob koshka with 999 elo… That is 1k lower that most enemies and allies…

I hope ranked won’t have this spread…

My program for blocking names is refusing to save the pictures ugh.

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Even balanced spread is a bad thing (i.e. two t9, one t6, one t5, one t4 vs same on the enemy team) as you allies will not be around your level and you will enjoy the game FAR less. Not to mention that positions will decide the match in that case.

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look at the elo sumsssssssssssss

The problem is that elo sums do not translate into decent matches.

2000 x 2
1500 x 3
=8500 ELO


2400x 2
1200 x 3

The feeding will be enormous on both sides.

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I’ve had worse match ups where the highest we had was a tier 7 silver and we got aired up against 4 vainglorious silvers and 1 poa gold

idk man they need to do something

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Yeah Ik that but I think thats how the current matchmaker is working

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Is this casual? I sometime make a party with a friend who really sucks at the game, and of course the matchmaking is all over the place. Maybe that’s what happened there?

This is ranked wahaha…
Dude there is no ranked yet…

Dude flagged you for shaming but I agree they are a horrible duo que.

My intention was not to shame you at all, I just tried to be informative. I thought that ranked released 3 hours ago so that’s why I asked.

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You aren’t shaming me but the bad duo is being shamed this way.

I edited my own post it had the wrong picture I had to change that 6x before it saved right ugh.

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Honestly, it is a problem with casuals and oftentimes due to massive spread in individual parties. The 1 tier away rule for parties should help out ranked matchmaking a lot.

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I think all our mmr for 5v5 rank was reset so everyone has the same mmr right now (not on 3v3 tho, that one stays the same). However we do receive bonus elo depending on our 3v3 mmr from last season.

But that’s just my guess.

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