Matchmaking problem

I could ignore party vs soloq , and I didn’t mind matching me with lower tiers because you could find a work around .

But I actually find it difficult to play a game against heroes that depends on your team mistakes , like when we used to call cp vox noobs killer , now when I get matched with lower tier how I can avoid YLVA rooting or San feng stun , in my last match I got matched with a tier 8 who was activating YLVA trap while we had vision in the middle of the fight or while we attempting to fight , he was the reason we lost 100% , he was playing like there is no traps , and I would say it was a mistake if we had no vision but we had vision all over the map , you can see the trap clearly there.

Am I supposed to banned YLVA and San feng because there is a high chance I get lower tiers in my match or what , at least tell me what tier they are so I can banned certain heroes .

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You should mind being matched with lower tiers. There are valid reasons why this is not a good practice and avoided by others MOBAs (especially in ranked). Average elo is absurd approach when it’s between all the tiers in the game.


Hey, It’s Ciderhelm! Welcome to the Vainglory hero spotlight! Today we are looking at the MatchMaker, a hero able to defeat you no matter what you do.

Heroic perk: frustrates the players by not founding a match or dodging it.

First ability: Puts you with low level players against high elo ones to be sure it becomes a challenge.

Second ability: Makes your teammates disconnect so you loose almost every chance of winning the match.

Ultimate: the one who crashes is you. Specially useful when somehow someone is able to still win the match against the matchmaker. Now your chances are 0%.

This new hero will be released with a new skin (you’ve been banned for dodging – because you disconnect) so make sure to give it a try.


That’s my point if you going to match me with lower tiers then stop making heroes that counter me because of my lower tier teammates , or release complex heroes need more attention to their abilities and give me a high skill tier teammates , I can’t even use the lower tier as a meat shield against these heroes , not to mention giving breaking point stacks or dragon eye stacks .

It took me t9 to realize solo q aint worth it. Lose one match and u need to win 2 to make up for it (1:30h that nobody will give u back). Play unraked/aral/blitz until someone is available for party.

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I am not playing for elo from a long long time, I know where my skill stands towards the current EU best players and that’s enough. Not like it helps with frustration at times from decisions suited for t5-t6 (old times rating) done from t10 players.

Saying all that, back then a lot stronger players played the game and the skill ceiling was a lot higher. If I was thrown back in that time, I would be poa. Right now I can play with silvers/gold and fit, goes to show that the game decline imho.

Seems like u are not considering that u got better. Idk, in rare occasions I get matched with t10 players I have a lot of fun and it gets very challanging.

Well there is a lot of mistakes happening in tier 9 and tier10 used to not happen before , like in 3v3 in the old times in tier 7 you could see people play aggressive , now you see a tier10 picking koshka and playing passive , or like a game where I played with a guy spamming reim and Iam a main reim , he was in a fight were he could get an ace but he was running , that’s the difference they don’t know the hero potential , like you are in a tier the hero potential should be something you already know it just about opportunity and outplaying .

Iam not saying you shouldn’t have fun , you are playing in the state of the game being a chaos and people climbing so you getting the challenge in t10 what we used to get in t7 before , even full party players play bad but they are coordinated bad players so they win .

If you don’t get the idea , imagine the heroes as cards , and people do tricks with the cards , what you see now is beginners tricks but you say wow because they are impressive for you , but we watched all the tricks , so seeing easy tricks not keeping us excited about the game , is the game building up and these players going to make new tricks later and prevent people from climbing , then you could see high tier competitive play and the mid tier start to be a preparation for the high tiers .

Yeah I used to suffer from this annoying elo gain/loss , but I discovered that playing captain ruined my elo especially in soloq , so i started to make a smurf and played lane/jungle , I got quick to my main skill tier and passed it , winning streaks helps making your MMR higher and your VST try to catch it , losing Make the MMR get lower especially against bad teams as a captain while you higher than them which lead to matches where you gain less and lose a lot , the game trying to make you go down because it thinks you don’t belong there .

I have to respectively disagree with you, aggressive players cause more harm than good, its not all about the kills. I, for example, will not follow a player behind his tourret if I am not 100% sure I’ll get the kill. I would rather focus on pushing the lane, stealing their buffs etc than risking my life. Some would call this pasiv playing, I call it smart playing. Its the way I was taught moba’s are supposed to be played and I’ll much rather be called a pussy than a feeder. There is a fine line between pasive and aggresive and it is something a player needs to train to learn.
I also fail to see ur logic in “high tier players used to be better”. Excuse my ignorance, I used to be a casual player so I accept the fact that I might be wrong here but where did those players go? Skill is not something that only one generation of players have, if certain playstyle (I would appriciate some examples bcs i am not sure if i understood you clearly) goes out of fashion, its due to different playstyle being more efficient.

Imagine the skill tiers villages and the village get smaller but with giant villagers the more you go far , so players always fights and get stuck until they figure out how to get in the next village , one day the big giants left , the Giants next to them moved to their village fought a bit then they left too , so it’s not challenging like before until to this time people moving to other villages freely , there is no fighting on the front of the gates to get in like before , the only challenge is there is bad teammates in your team and how to carry them , while before you need to think how to win the fight and outplay your enemy , single mistake end the fight .

I am better, but I was really good overall (i.e. didn’t s*ck, a lot lot better players existed compared to me, but I still played in private with top players and didn’t end up handicaping the team) back in the days too and albeit that - t8 silver. Players back then all knew what to do, got good mechanical skills, map awareness and so on. True, 3vs3, but still.

Right now people that are supposedly t10 are not good mechanically nor as gameplay/decisions while others are really good. The thing is, it’s easier in t10 games to perform bad and team mates to carry you, because it pairs (for example) t10 duoq silvers with weaker players in their team = those two carry the game hard. Things like that, but not that extreme, happens all the time and not that good players end up boosted and in t10, especially if they play a lot = grinding… then more than not they got some ego going and rage in chat when they do mistakes and so on, ending up trolling. :slight_smile:

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Do you think people who didn’t get the cp buff as midlane should troll and stay in base the whole game , we know that cp buff is important but why you throw the game because the jungler took it , I agree there is unskilled play in the game but trolling because of unskilled play or trolling because you think the jungler trolling is bad , captains feelsbadman .

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Agreed. SoloQ isn’t really worth it unless you hyper carry with an easily scalable hero or go capt. Two options. That’s it.

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As I said - ego going and greed. Actually I will tell you a shocking truth: CP buff is mostly taken by mid, BUT this really depends on the jungler hero, enemy team picks, your team picks and the strategy. Sometimes it’s better for the jungler to take the CP and this can be seen in a party compositions where the team is synced and got a goal that is chased with that choice. Other totally valid strategy is (the standard thing is: CP - mid, dual small jungle minions - jg) for mid to take CP buff and one of the small minions to reach level 2 fast and get the upper hand in the first engagement with the enemy mid. This done in soloq is a salty jungler ahhah…

Also it’s still a thing for mid to take CP and both jg minions, leaving the jungler starving (especially when the mid does that twice, thrice in a row).

Saying that, soloq people mostly want ALL for themself. They want to perform good and does not care that the small perf boost they receive will lose the game for the whole team as someone else is heavily starving. Quite commonly some players that performs not that great compensate the poor CS/kills with jungle steal and thus the mediocre player that lose the lane stays okish gold/exp wise (but still losing the lane and having enemy laner that scales up) for the price of a jungler that end up is so much behind that his skill doesn’t matter at some point.

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Go captain in soloq to have fun? The role that even if u are a God skill will impact the game lowest? And I am saying that as a main support, so I politely disagree. I have tons of games where I play really, really, really well and as I have poor dmg dealers = we lose the game. When your team can’t kill a single enemy it doesn’t matter how good/for how long you protect them or how great you engage the fight, etc. :slight_smile:

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I actually said that in the long balance thread that captains already have lower impact why you nerfing them but @Guest_78 disagreed and said they have the highest impact , like how we disagree like that from lowest to highest , why is people so focused on captains and want to nerf them , this game has 99 problems captains not one of them .

You and @cha0z are confusing impact with damage. Impact =/= damage; impact = damage + utility. Captains shouldn’t have the same damage as a carry with 4 offensives, which is what you are asking for. Glaive got nerfed when 5v5 was released because he had a lot of impact, was he able to carry the game? No. Reim: same. Lyra and Lorelai when OP, they weren’t able to hard carry the game. Reza: everybody complaining about him and again not able to hard carry. When Lance was OP in 3v3 with CDR and echo, he wasn’t killing anyone, but had a lot of impact.

Saying that captains doesn’t have impact just because they can’t kill in lategame as much as a carry does us just absurd.

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Captain is super important and will decide the game if the dmg dealers are of a similar skill level. Also it’s fun to play the role in such situations, I am referring to when you got… less skilled dmg dealers compared to the enemy team. :slight_smile:

I think that’s exception you can’t build a role based on a strong coordinated team to say it’s balanced or have high impact . it could be that how semc balancing the game they watched a coordinated team shut down Caine and they thought its balanced , I would say the carries are too strong that they can win with any captain click fountain .