Matchmaking is so unbelievably broken

Ranked 3v3

Tier 6. On the cusp of silver. Get a match against two T6 Gold and a T7 Silver.

My teammates?
Unranked and T4 Gold.

How? Why?

Edit: Yes, 5v5 is worse, no news there


Welcome to this “awesome” MM experience. Its not new, ive been having that shit for over a year already, dont worry, you will get used to it.

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You mean unranked and t4 in loading screen? That is last season dude…

Check them in VG pro…

I’m well aware it’s last season. Their in-game skill was reflective of it.

The matchmaking for 5v5 seems pretty screwed up as well.

2018’s best joke, thank you SEMC

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Constantly getting matched againts t8 silver smurfs as poa gold. You lose 20 elo if you lose and earn 3 if you somehow win.

Wait what…earn 3 lose 20 wtf…

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Will you believe me if I tell you 5v5 is worse.

Yes, I too have a golden ticket.

5v5 matchmaking is even worse.
My proof

Gotta get that sick K/D bro that’s the real endgame

Ehem… Gold T9, paired with 2 T8s and have to fight against T10.
And Ardan just decided he loves Storm Queen forever and after, so he bought Storm Crown first instead of Fountain…

Celeste Carry now has the epic expression:



That is casual not ranked… So that doesn’t count…

Oh well it happened to me too…

But i believe it will much better after the 13rd February.

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I don’t think there is match making in 5v5. However, it makes me realize that the system is pretty accurate, because it’s easy to tell the difference in skill level.

Funny how the vg bronze was like the worst team member.

There is matchmaking - however since the player numbers are relatively small if it wants to make matches it needs to allow for a wide banding with rapid expansion.

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