Matchmaker LOL

3v3 ranked, look at this. My skill is pretty high on 3v3, but I’m only at 4 gold rn. The guy I got matched with was tier 7 last season and the support was my bro. My bro had trouble loading the game for the first 5 minutes(damn you SEMC) and we got a little behind. As soon as he loaded we quickly gained the upper hand. They didn’t know to have a support and one guy was only level 10. (It dislays their 5v5 rank fyi) I mean I barley gained any ELO, especially low tier-wise so it makes sense, but it wasn’t fair at all.

Rip lol.

What fun matches are you guys getting? (If someone thinks this should be in Salt Mine tell me)

pretty typical of MM.

I’m just over it. How many pieces of bad MM does SEMC need to actually do something about it.

These are only the one’s that people bother to write about… just imagine the scale of the problem.

I no longer play 3v3 because of the match maker and toxicity.


Played a match on Saturday (I’m POA bronze in 3g
V3) and I had a CT gold and hotness bronze in my team.

Rapidly losing interest in VG, match maker is woeful and even 5v5 is a salty hell hole with players throwing games for kicks. Not sure I’ll invest anymore money into the game, not whilst they can’t get basics right.


Maybe their real MMR is actually the same as yours?
I’ve been playing a lot of 3v3 lately and have had PoA S-VG Bs almost every time (I recently got to gold) with a few bronze mixed in sometimes

I seriously doubt that. I did another game with my bro and they actually had a support this time, but both were going weapon. One was Saw, who is very squishy, especially against Samuel. I haven’t really done any alone though, could the duo matching be messed up?

Most of my matches were duo.
Also just because someone was bad doesn’t mean that he can’t be in PoA, he mightve had a bad day/been a boosted boi.

Unfortunately they aren’t what they match with.

This was on Leon’s stream yesterday. And before anyone says anything no they are not poa or SA or hotness. Vgpro shows respective rank now.

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I’m talking about 3v3.
5v5 matchmaker has a lot more variance from what I’ve seen.
Btw the average VST on L3oN’s side is 2107 and the enemies is 1997(and remember than VST!=MMR) which I think is how it tries to find matches since the playerpool isnt that high.

Oh sorry my bad. For me 3v3 has very good match maker. About the 5v5 one though I am not impressed. Even if both teams have 1 VG bronze and 4 t4s it won’t be a balanced game. Sometimes I have t4s who aren’t that good but at least do something other times I have CP Mid Cath who starts with bit and boots. Sometimes you can’t do literally anything.
But about the match maker itself I don’t believe there’s not enough people for a few reasons. First one is the queue times for me are really short not even close to half the “max” 8 min. I think the match maker should search for different tiers after that time is done. Another thing is I am pretty sure lower tiers have enough people playing at almost any time. And also there is something that was really weird. Me and 3 friends wanted to play but as casual is pretty unplayable and quad que is disabled we decided to snipe each other and play against each other. We went in que at the same time, all 4 are around the same vst and the same sub tier. We had about 40 seconds que and then we matched but we were in different games and we were the only ones above t5. So why does it not match 2 perfectly fitting parties is beyond me. And lastly if that seems bad, some time ago I was duo queing with a friend. We went in game and we had 1 random VG bronze with us and 2 t5s against a full VG silver team. I emailed support and they told me match maker sometimes matches people slightly apart from each other to test their “true skill”. I mean I don’t know if even this guy believed what he told me and thought that’s even remotely winnable but yeah duo and 3 solo ques 2 of which 5 tiers lower doesn’t seem like fun time to me. And we actually asked the other team (even though they had team tags) and they really were in full party.

Well, two of my friends and I played the other day and Completely destroyed the enemy (36-6), which I had not expected, considering I was playing roam Patel. So afterwards, I went onto VGPRO to check ranks, and it turned out they had 2 POA players, and one VG. The highest on our team was Hotness. So yeah, matchmaker did fuck up, but it worked out for us despite it.

3v3 gives me garbage matches…

I’ve stopped playing it altogether because of that.

You are matched with TH-SAs so its not the matchmakers fault :confused: its just that there are a lot of boosted players/smurfs.

I get matched with toxic feeders. Meanwhile in 5v5 I have more fun and more succes. 1 win away from poa silver in under a hundred games…

Why play a frustrating gamemode that isn’t updated when you can win like this and have fun.

My one loss in that picture I had 3/9/3 but we only had 8 kills and the entire team was feeding… So I still did well while losing.

You don’t get that experience in 3v3…

I play regulary vs him starting from t7 to t9 bronze where I am now. Also played vs his new formed team while I soloq and had t7 in my team… lol. The matchmaker is just totally busted to give a game no matter the skill diff and variations in teams themself or/and between them.

Yep. I just had this. The queue was actually just a minute and a few seconds. This should not be happening ever. If I can’t party with those people why can I play with ior against in soloq? Is this the “testing of true skill” semc employee told me about? This match was over before it started. No fun for either side.


I think vg has lost many players and this is why matchmaker cant find players with the same or nearly same mmr. It will take players who online randomly.
In lower tiers like me, i have played for almost 3 years and funny is why i always was matched with new players who didnt know how to play and always pick wrong items? My winrate is around 1400 why I always play with dumb players. I am lower tiers but at least I know how to play, i just want to be paired with lower tiers but whose winrate at least equal with mine. Why VG version 2 is much better than version 3? Since In this version 3, VG has too much drama…

I don’t really think it’s lack of players at least for lower tiers. Match maker just seems to be very random and broken right now. If I can find a game in 1-3 min at any time of day and sometimes even at night too, even though it is unfairly matched, I don’t see why 2 lower tier teams or random 10 players would have a problem. The real problem is the match maker isn’t even trying to find similar tier players. I’m used to waiting 8 min for relatively balanced games and I’m sure most people who are used to it will agree it’s better than having people 5 tiers lower. Not to mention most of the time they don’t even realize it. It gets very toxic and they ping without actually knowing they’re in the wrong. Of course to other side won’t hold back too so it’s not very fun generally. But I definitely think they need to increase the queue before it looks for different tiers. 2 min queue to match one of the highest elo players in the game against people who have their 30th game or something and it being called ranked is just pathetic.

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And the most funny part is that even when it was 8m wait time, we still got like 50% of the games super unbalanced. Just meh, didn’t expect such problems before 5vs5 dropout tbh. And this is actually the biggest problem with the game at the moment. How it’s fair to match pro players full party team(l3on and his team) vs soloq players that are 1t6-1t7-2t8-1t9? The f? Vs t10 gold, 2t10 silvers, 1t10 bronze and 1t9 gold close to t10… not like rank matters, those where all pro players. My point is, the matchmaker is busted and this is also in ranked where one would care about fair match.

It’s not fun for either side, all can check youtubes of pros or good players, they all complain - it’s not fun for them too to rape weaker players or/and to have weaker teammates that are not on the same wave as them and don’t know how to play the game like t10 does.

Yeah that’s true. My point was that at 8 min at least there’s an excuse for poor match making. I mean if it’s at 8 you would expect it to not be as balanced but even then it should be better as more time gives chance for more same tier players to join the queue. When I match instantly and get bad balance I don’t accept excuses as it’s entirely their fault. That’s not lack of players. Even if there is lack they don’t give the match maker a chance to at least try searching.