Mastery Star!

Ok I know probably no one cares, but I finally got a mastery star! I’m actually really enjoying playing Yates, as I generally fill, which means I generally captain, he’s become a really nice comfort pick for me and unless a specific hero is an obvious pick in the draft I’m falling back to him more and more.

Now I just need those mastery reward ideas I had!


Congrats! It’s actually quite difficult, he is always banned. Now… for the second one!

Nice! Playing ARAL exclusively is a good way to avoid getting any stars at all, I’ve found. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


He is banned quite a bit, although I seem to always get people who have no idea what they’re doing banning… I still see a lot of pointless Alpha bans, and quite a few SAW bans (altho I can understand that, to prevent allies from picking him) and flicker seems to have a 100% ban rate in my matches, altho that’s not necessarily bad.

Lmao … best line ever

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You get what, 40 points for ARAL? Yeah that may take some time.


I’m not even kidding I’ve done that myself in the past.


How you manage playing aral I find it broken too many Ccs

Who would have thought! you could be onto something …

Rumble f me up. I got 2 and half stars on Magnus because of how easy it is to carry with him in casuals.
On the bright side, he is my most comfort hero to play right now.

:star::star::star: on Skye on both main and smurf accounts. Almost 4*! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Nice! I vary my heroes too much for that, I’m close to 1 star on about 6 different heroes

Well, I have :star: on Lyra, Gwen, Ardan and SAW too… the rest, I’m still working on them haha

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I’m like 80% towards a star on 12 heroes or so. I’ve just really been enjoying the breadth of viable picks this patch too much to settle down into a main.

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Not gonna lie I enjoy all the viable picks too, especially jungle… but on the other hand I’m OTPing so much. I’ve got 27 ranked games on Ylva. Don’t think I really played any hero more than 3 times besides her lol.

Got my first star few days back for Celeste


Just got Lyra to two stars.

All from playing Blitz, lol.


I’m sorry but is it only me that thinks this mastery is more useless than hats?

The word mastery suggests having great knowledge of something, and in this game it is used just to let people know you have played them a lot. A really bad player can achieve level 5 mastery so to me this isn’t something worth celebrating.


At least those stars arent ugly. Also, if i see a player with 5 stars, he may not be the best, but it guarantees you that they know more less how the kit works.

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I’ve thought of this too so I agree. One who plays a hero a lot doesn’t necessarily make him good with the hero. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I also agree with @Guest_78, at least with the masteries, allies and enemies will have an impression/idea that a certain player can play the hero at least, if not really good with it. :slight_smile:

So, if one should pick a SAW but with 5 star mastery, people might think he is not trolling and must be very good at it. Haha! :smiley: Or worst case probably, he trolled a lot with SAW. Nyahaha! :rofl:

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