Market Deals & Prices in 4.1

So, currently there’s a deal (25% ICE rebate) for Exoframe Skye in the Market. Unlike with 4.0, there was no indication that such a deal was coming, and I’ve not seen anything from SEMC regarding the other new skins for 4.1 … does anyone know whether we’re likely to see the deals change weekly like with 4.0?

Wondering, because in addition to Skye, I really want both Dark Siren Lorelai and Tidal Enchanter Lyra – and despite what people have been calling her, she’s still labeled “Tidal Enchanter” (not “Tidal Enchantress”) in game (I just now checked both the iOS and Steam versions):

(I agree, however, that she’s misnamed: “Tidal Enchantress” is more appropriate, imo.)


are they changing the ice prices or that normal ? , the ice market look different .

That’s the normal price for a legendary skin in the US market. I know the prices vary from region to region, though.

Tonight that skin is mine! Totally a must, no matter if it will be discounted or not (+for the previous discount they returned the ICE for t he already owning the skin players, even if it’s from a chest). Also I must have the lorelai skin and even the sky skin looks nice and I think I need it too. Gosh, a lot of ICE. :smiley:

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they made the pack bonuses clearer (and also increased ice amounts a bit if im not wrong)
Earlier it was 14k ice for 100$ now its 220x50+5500 ice(you get 220 ice for 2 $)

Ooooooh, that’s a good point!!!

Yes but the bonus is not clear , you assuming the pack value is 11 k and added 5500 to it as a bonus and you calling it a deal , what happened to the 14k , is this the new value 11k ice for 100$ .

@hazeleyes Iam talking about the ice deals .

Changed the topic title to reflect that we’ve expanded the subject of this thread. :sunglasses:

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No I believe you’d get 16500 ice now.
It just shows you the base ice you get in multiples of 110/$+ the bonus for bulk purchase

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There was always a “bonus” for buying the largest ICE package – previously you got 14400 ICE when you spent USD $99.99. Now you get 16500, which is actually a pretty nice increase.

I have no problem with the deal result but the calculation , it’s like what you see in real life deals scam when they raise the price and do a discount at the same time , like saying this thing cost 90 and it was 100 , that’s a good deal but when you put a sign saying it was 110 and got a discount to 90 that’s not ok .

So we all know it’s 14400 for 100$ , so make it 14400 + 200 ice and call a deal , you are changing the base price to make the bonus look good and probably going to make it 11k forever .

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So, I’ve checked out the skins in Practice Mode.

I think I’ll get Lyra’s when it goes on sale.
For some reason, I feel it is smoother, easier to watch the animations to predict stutter stepping time, and also sounds less intesive on my ears. Not to mention nice colours that can be used all year round.

I can say San Fen’s skin is just a rare. Pick if you like the colouring and weathering (old look) it has and you play San Feng plenty.

I initially liked Skye’s and Lorelai’s skins, but after trying them out… they feel janky.

For Lorelai, the odd hit box animations of her pool plus the harsh bold green outline throws me off. It’s good for when you’re against an enemy Lorelai, but the odd shapes confuses me whether I’m in the area of effect or not.

For Skye, the animations are superb as with most decently animated heroes with Legendary skins. However, the sound is obnoxiously loud on her B and her ult if you’re close to it. This always spoils my enjoyment.

I can’t wait for Lyra to go on sale. Best skin this update I feel!

Which ICE package would you all recommend getting?

in the update notes on the appstore it said enchantress i am pretty sure these inconsistencies are detestable

SEMC is nothing if not inconsistent. Wow, Hazel, that’s horrific English. :nauseated_face: