Malene should be hotfixed

So I just tried out Malene in practice. She has 3 ranged skills one of which is aoe. She has a barrier and a speedboost and an invulnerability much like Idris’ ultimate.

On top of that she gets a wicked attack boost every time she transforms.

So lightform A+B C A B C gives you a barrier 3 ranged attacks and an invulnerability.

Just because a hero a lot of things doesn’t mean they are automatically OP.

Lyra for example has Range, slow on basics, a long range poke, team healing, dash blocks, a teleport. But she’s balanced around these things.

While I think she may be a little too strong, it could be in actual games she has a bad early game, or lower wave clear than other heroes for exmpale.


Make OP hero, everyone rushes to buy OP hero, fix next patch… rinse and repeat!!!


she’s like varya on release basically doesn’t matter if she’s high skill cap her damage is busted.

Lyra is op she’s the best pick this patch

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She is the physical embodiment of a Just Beginning Skaarf main’s dream hero.


Let’s state it differently:

Malene has 5 active skills available from lvl 2.

Meanwhile other heroes have 2 active skills available at lvl 2.

Her design is awesome! But she is beyond broken.

But the numbers and effects of those skills dictate weather she is good or not. If her A did half the damage it did now she would be horrible!

If she’s OP it’s not because she has these things, they will probably always be part of her kit. It’s because she has certain stats and numbers that make her strong.

If she was to be hotfixed it wouldn’t remove having 5 skills at level two, that’s how she works. It would simply tone down certain parts of those skills.


She isn’t that OP, despite how much fun she has already been to play. The health on her is a joke if she’s caught out while Shadow B is on CD


Hotfix her after early access pls tony is instabanned currently so I cant get free wins :(.

I would try casual match. or at the very least, practice mode with another player

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It pointed out that her damge isn’t very high and she rely all of damage from AA


She isn’t OP. I repeat, she is NOT OP!


Nerf her. Even just by looking at videos she should have already been hotfixed. What kind of numbers and kit design makes it through to be this ludicrous.

From playing a game against and with one at the same time she does need a fix but it will be after you can get her for glory that way they sell more. It is classic strategy for a moba. It really is only small number tweaks to fix like her overdrive A is energy free

Bad early game? I haven’t tried her but I always imagined with her ult, she would have a strong early game.

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Oh yeah she is definitely OP. Everyone has her and I’m having fun recking with her. I wonder how long its gonna last?

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About as long as Tony took to fix

Wait I thought they nerf Tony?

They did and malene will take about as long as Tony was out b4 nerf

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