Malene on rank POA

People: malene is so OP ban her.
Me: No she’s not she is counterable you know.
Also me:

Disclaimer: I’m no pro at malene but i am starting to get her.
And plus i dodge 2 ults from kestrel and and 2 celeste ult with my b :grin:


I’ve only lost 1 game so far and the details could be found on another thread in the forums. Shes very built for low health low energy 1v2 comebacks and is a 100% ban suggestion if youre not going to pick her.

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She is:


You have the highest CS so I assume she can waveclear rather well?

She does clear minion great. her dark A and B can clear a huge wave of minions. Although early game my turret (top) was destroyed i quicky gained it and push the defending turrets and then the rest was me roaming around helping pushing and hunting the squishies. Shes so deadly especially when you land your light A, change to dark, AA then dark A

In-game: “Dificulty: Hard”.


She has a high skill cap though but i agree shes OP but not broken.

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She is a CP stutterstepper. Anyone who mastered Ringo before will be able to master her with ease.


I hate ringo with a passion lol.
Ringo is a really weird hero. He is my worst hero after Krul…

Malene seems easy enough though…

Lool yea shes like ringo you dance around the enemy till they die.


Anyone who can distance from her is a counter. Seriously, she may deal lots of damage but if an Assassin or an sniper like kestrel or Gwen manage to hit her she is done for. Most of the time I don’t even build defenses against her unless her aim is pretty good (I main ringo, someone without skill shots and I still can deal with her :/)


Malene out dmg every other WP carry

Depends if she’s gonna land both A. Also theres gwen and vox and skaarf

Also is AS+CW+DE+BM+Boots+Aegis a good build on Malene

I really don’t get how she isn’t that exact difficulty. Explain

She’s at most Medium. And I judge based on the difficulty to master, not to play.

  1. She is a stutterstepper. Noobs can’t but intermediates and pros can stutterstep easily.
  2. Her abilities don’t need to much of a lead. You don’t have to lead them too much and the effects are insane.
  3. Switching form. It’s another part of number 1. Switch form then stutterstep. CD is over, switch form and stutterstep again.
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Stutterstep and remember that you can switch forms for more damage = mmmmm look at those sweet wins

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First time using her in ranked, she feels definitely not balanced


Still cant 1v5 in this matchmaker doe.

I’m curious what position are you playing? and rotations?

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