Malene needs a little buff on her Light B shield


I wish I didn’t have to do this …




I got tickled


Lol, this is pure gold. I only need Thor to be SEMC, and instead of LegendaryE write SAW.


You used to tilt me a lot with your frostburn, but since FB got challenge you are no longer so frustrating, I guess you deserve some love, but your kit is really hard to balance for 5v5.


come back to metaland soon :crying_cat_face: :kissing_cat:


Frost was what made petal viable. XD


And was toxic. Also, after the FB changes, she was still viable.


I agree with Guest — Petal was broken with the old FB, but she was still viable after the change. She’s once again out in potato land now, though. I think Niv is right — she’s hard to balance, because she’s been like that her whole existence.


She is always or completely useless or instawin, which coupled with the fact that her kit is terrible for 5v5, so IMO a rework should be done.