Malene needs a little buff on her Light B shield

Her late game deals lots of damage but she can’t be aggressive but to time wisely and throw her empowerment and chickenout, then come back later.

Personally, I don’t think she needs a buff, for me she is strong, with great disengage potential and damage. Her B should be used to scape or absorb a strong attack, not to go in and out leaving the enemy with no options to punish her. She is supposed to be a mid range mage, not a go in-out type mage IMO.

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In late game she can’t afford to do that as people will focus to kill her. I have no problem with the shield barrier she has at the moment. Just felt like it needs to be stronger. So can she withstand strong attack with rhe likes of gwen oor baron

She is supposed to be a early - mid game mage, not a lategame one. She would get focus as any other mage or low range hero like Vox, Baptiste…

In late game she should be played as more like an antidive mage instead of an agressive one.

I dont see how she needs to be able to go in and not get punish. No hero can do that, and she shouldn’t be different.
She is strong as she is, no need of buffing her unless you want her to be broken again and then be nerfed. If she gets that, I want a barrier for reza too, it’s unfair that he can be punished for diving.


Yeah her B is fine the way it is since it is a VERY good 1v1 engage tool because of her slow, root, and other escape options with her e v i l form. It also allows her to engage the enemy mid laner during laning phase a lot which is what allows her to be so oppressive at times in the early game.


So, basically you want her OP? :slight_smile:

I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer all MY mains to be OP, so … :wink:


Pls buff Celeste, Skye, Gwen, and Varya next patch. K thx bye.


And please, make CP Kensei meta :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t, because then they don’t balance them but kill them, so I prefer to have them weaker but playable than op for 1 patch unplayable for the next 6.

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Yessssss. Also buff Reim.

And break Petal by giving her ult 1000% cp ratio then proceed to hotfix her, then at last remove her from the game for a poorly designed kit :relieved:

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I wished they just reworked petal to an easier to balance and not so toxic kit.

To be fair, her kit was ok for 3vs3 and there were patches where she was balanced (aham, 2.8, aham - but others too). I fully agree for 5vs5 her kit is a no go tho and even for the changes they did to the game before 5vs5 release (HP, energy, def items and so on).

Maybe so. Hehe.
I been winning a lot with malene this days.

Guys, look to who I answer to… I was talking about petal. :smile:


Oh! XD didn’t notice that :sweat_smile:

Im still waiting for that rework Ive been hearing about for so long… :roll_eyes:

Petal is dead. Move on.
Malene should the be the new mascot for vainglory and she needs new skin. #greedyfanhere

Someone’s gonna get some pollen in their eye … :easter_happy_3:


People dodge me when I pick you in casual , leave the game nobody likes you , whoever gets you in Aram or ARAL is cursed and shouldn’t touch the game for a week until the curse gone (curse=losing streak) .