Malene is suited for Mid Lane?

I mean yes she can play Mid Lane but her range is so short. I rather leave Mid lane to heroes like celeste, sam or Skaarf.

I feel like Malene is more suit for Top lane. I usually play her as Top lane despite a huge pressure in early game from enemy team.

I’ve seen ppl say she is top lane meta but I disagree, she doesn’t have a massively strong early game and bask in built sustain as part of her kit.

Besides she is permanently banned in the EU server so it’s not even an option to play her there.

She doesn’t have strong early game but the moment she gets aftershock, she can handle 2 heroes in top lane if they happen to gank on her. I personally feels she is stronger in top lane than Mid lane.

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She has shorter range which hurts that’s true. But she also has really good 1v1 potential against mages. She can dodge Core collapse, Skaarf’s combo, she can dodge skill shots with her other B. She’s just different. Has pros and cons.

But it’s usually harder since their enemy captain is always there. I could be easily kiting Celeste while their captain will be attack me from side and protecting their mage

Top lane is all about the race to the first item, what I mean by that is if you can survive the onslaught for the first 5/6 minutes you’ll usually have done enough to save your turret as you’ll be clearing waves quicker.

I don’t see her being particallu good at this, her short range would be a problem (it’s the reason I like Adagio) as you won’t be able to farm in safety leaving you ope to ganks etc.

How that easier in the top lane? The enemy jungler will be there waiting for you to make a positional mistake. If you can’t manage in midlane it won’t get any easier in top lane where you’ll be 2v1.

Maybe it’s just me. I can midlane with Malene but I prefer to top lane instead. I know the enemy jungler will be there waiting to pounce on me, that why you should have vision in the first place. If the vision is gone, Don’t go beyond the bush or I usually throw my Light Ribbon to check if there is anyone there.

I usually wait of minions to come near to my turret and also you have dark B + boots for a reason if positional mistake occurs.

And believe me or not, she can handle 2v1 in top lane once she gets aftershock.

But your roam would be doing the same thing and you can outtrade most mages. Now if they have Lyra and you have Fortress you’ll struggle of course but that’s not because of Malene. Also she has better early that almost all mages so that helps too.

Your choice, like i say some say she is top lane meta, I disagree, for me their are better choices who do the job better.

All I’m saying is if you cant 1v1 in midlane with roam support not sure how your top laning 2v1. Sure you can place vision but that won’t be there long. And since she has such a short range you’ll be farming very close to our turret which invites enemy jungler and laner to push it.

Personally I’d play Grace, Adagio or Samuel as they’re either tanky, early game hero’s or have inbuilt sustain. Malene doesn’t really do any of this, and she’s usually banned. But if you have success with her GG.


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Malene is the best mid lane pick