Malene is probably coming!

Vainglory (@vainglory) Tweeted:
Rediscover Part One of Blackfeather & Phinn’s Lore: ‘Princess Kidnapped!’

Refresh now so you’ll be ready for new lore coming in a few days…

Well well well

Looks like Phinn’s bird is coming! Can’t wait to play him.


100% prayed for this in a different thread, I’m on this boat with you too.


Wait dammit this is a dupe thread :frowning:

Malene is the Fenrir of Vainglory.


This is exactly what I was thinking too lol

@Rivet @dream i hate to break it to you but Susie is already in the game… they are showing this bit by bit so we don’t notice that the thugs were coming to us as the new hero all along…

edit: oh you said should be. meh. that won’t stop the thugs from being a 3 bodied hero coming for revenge on blackfeather. i will main whoever the next hero is as long as it is a viable jungler though. oh and somewhat interesting.

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