Malene is bugged (Needs medical attention)

In my entire time of playing VG back in 2014, i have never seen a bug in a character model.

Idk what they were doing but when you’re in Malenes light form, she spases out and does multiple poses.

I saw she got a new recall animation along with other animation changes in her dark form.

I think its just the new animations that she got to make her smoother and give out more personality.

But thats the thing, shes bugged. She got new animations but they somehow messed up her walk and idle animations.

@HipsterSkaarf :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes? This should be fixed now, btw, but reply to this thread if you see it still happening… :kraken_ok: :minions_ok:

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A word of warning to those on metered data connections: this does not appear to be a delta update – it looks like you have to download the entire app (1.8 GB!).