Malene Fanart that cost me my wrist

k so I mentioned in this thread that I draw and stuff, so after like a month, I decided to actually post my art

And with me shaking off my crippling anxiety caused by my fear of nobody liking my art, I present, Malene!

Edit: I am slightly sad that the resolution became crap


Awee but where is the dark side?

Maybe the left hand is the dark hand same like the splashart?

Ooohhh, very nice! Sure seems like it was worth the wrist. I especially like how you did the face, perfectly captures the smugness in the quote. Great work!

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Looks perfect to me – it shows at 3000 x 3500 if you click on it.

Nice work – looks great!

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It looks great but please don’t sacrifice hurting yourself for art, it’s not good to work in pain. If your wrist does start hurting do some simple hand stretches for a bit from time to time as you work, take short breaks. Never try work through the pain

nah its fine, my wrist just got sore after i was done

Her pose has to be my favorite pose of all time