Malene 1 hour quick sketch. Photoshop

Any fellow artist out there.
Anyone can give me a good critisim? Or comments.

I did this sketch of malene in an 1 hour. Yes every thing feels off but i plan to complete it during my break… sometime next week.


I might end up swiping this FA for my phone background :eyes:

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I will be honoured if you do use mine for your BG :sob::pleading_face:

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Looking good so far! One tip is to remember that the eyes won’t be as bright as you’ve left them. They’ll be a different hue (white instead of a skin tone), but the value will be similar to the shaded areas you’ve identified, especially on the far side of the face. You might try doing a quick value study, in just one color, to nail down your light source and how it casts shadow on the hair, facial features, and tiara/clothes alike.


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Hmmmm good advice. Thanks :smiley:

Gonna bookmark it

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I would work on your skin tones a little more. You can definitely push for some darker shades just to bring out more contrast. I realize this is far from complete, but some cast shadows by the hair would get rid of that “floating” look.

I would also say the shading on the hair could be a lot more varied. Right now you have a very glossy look that does not really fit in the environment at all. Where is that bright highlight in the middle of the red strip coming from? it does not seem to effect the rest of the face.

Reaally like it! the facial structure looks really nice, not awkward at all. Look forward to seeing the finale piece.

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Yeah it not complete. This was done on a hour as practice. Haha but thanks for the advice.

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Hi Guys!

It’s Me, your favourite Malene Crazy Fan!
I took in the suggestion and revamped everything and did greyscale version first.
This took me 6 hours but it’s still incomplete…


Edit: Just a slight update and tweaking


Btw i hope you guys can leave more comments on what I can improve on @HipsterSkaarf and @coltonJW

I feel like I am stuck malene’s nose especially and the back of ber hair.

Do you want some of the official VG head studies of Malene for reference (idk if it would help or not)? Or are you honing your skill.

Actually do send… i want a bit of both. I am trying to achieve malene in my style… but with the reference close to vainglory… i am doing realistic tho

Awesome, looking really good! I like how you’re using values and shading to sculpt the forms of her face - cheek, chin, neck, nose, all that good stuff! And the far side of her face being darker really helps. A quick thing - you’re modeling with softer shading throughout the piece, but the line between her jaw and the underjaw shadow is very stark, which makes her jaw seem like a sharp crease rather something a bit more rounded. You might soften that edge a bit to unify the style. Or go the other way and make the other shadows harsher for a really graphic style. Up to you. Softening the jaw line might make more sense for your drawing though. Also, I think at this angle, we’d see a bit of the curve of her far cheek and her far browridge. The line from her forehead should be out a bit for her brow, then return a bit for her eye, then back out for her cheekbone, then swoop down to her chin. This drawing is from a slightly different angle, but kind of shows what I mean, anatomically:


If you keep that far edge face line in mind, you get to then choose how chubby her cheeks are, how round her chin is, all those fun things! You have a tricky angle to draw, with some foreshortening, but the architecture will still guide you.

That sketch also shows how dark the values of the eye will be (open or closed). It’s surprising how dark it really gets. Rembrandt self-portraits are great examples. So dark!

Anyway, your drawing’s looking really good! Moving forward I’d keep sculpting with tones, like you’re awesomely doing, and don’t be afraid to think of it like a clay model and you’re slapping light and shadow on it to squish it to the shape it should be. Maybe take a selfie of yourself in the pose, at the right angle, for reference. I always get frustrated looking for the right line to describe a shape, but having a reference (from photo or life) makes it easier.

edit to add: “selfie of yourself” :woman_facepalming:


Ahh. Thanks! I will definately do that then. I love your inputs. They really do help me a lot


Sorry for the late post, I didnt get a notif that u replied…