Make vainglory better

Hi, i am SoulOfBelial from eu server and i have been playing vainglory since it created. so i know what the vainglory has become. yes, i agree that vainglory is the best moba in the marketplace but i think that vainglory doesnt desires the best rank in 2017-18. i will tell you why with the arguments bellow.

  1. despite the fact that we have a new level of 5v5, there is now news in the game due to heroes and their abilities.
  2. there are same type of heroes. everytime they create a new hero, is the same type as recent heros. such as abilities (stuns, buffs, stuns, bufs, stuns, bufs and sooo ooon…). WEE WAANT DIFFERENT TYPE OF HEROES. DIFFERENT HEROS, CREATIVE ONES !! okay, they say that its the new levek of moba, yeah ? its ridiculus … same heroes… same skills… there are no animations… make some animations for critical damage or smthng like that. move your head and come up with new ideas of creative, different skills.
  3. in last 1 year, there have been skins that is similar to each other -__- its annoying.
  4. matchmaker is the worst!
  5. animations are the worst !
  6. vainglory is leacking of differents kinds of heroes.
  7. interface is the worst (okay, its subjective… butt…)

vainglory is the best in market place because other games are not good. when you are best, you mustnt stop… you must release new updates and heros over and over. make new animations and make the matchmaker better.

okay, who agrees with me, i want you to tell the semc about that! we waant different kinds of heroes. new cool animations and abilities. we deserve better one !!

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