Make the rank larger and more visible

Only Hotness is probably the only rank that noticeable the rest of the rank are just way to small making it larger won’t distract from splash art.


Very true, it’s small af :tired_face::tired_face:

A black and white outline would work well.
When I present stuff via PPT I use an outline to clarify the presented material.

VST number listed below our IGN and guild name could work. The splash art and the rank icon clashes with each other IMO.

Nah VST look ugly skill tier is better

I rather have the tier number with bronze/silver/gold colour that was used previously.


This way I can know with 100% certainty our mixed bag of t6-t10 bronze queued into the real Tezzaboi and friends.

Mmmmmmmmmatch making.

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T10 matching T10 seems fine to me in terms of matchmaking.

We had a t6 playing their first game of 5v5 lane against Tezza.
Needless to say even when getting babysat, he got destroyed.

The spread is t10, t9, t7, t7, t6, making the average about t8

Gat and I faced a lot of lower tiered players with our team in early access.
It’s better now tho tbh

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Does your IGN, by any chance, happen to be Drakorrex?

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which obviously makes matchmaking well much harder because you have a nonfungible block of players of differing skill tiers it then has to match against.

Its why I was always keen on a 5 man queue which matches other 5 man squads and a solo queue with nothing in between - it would make for much better match making.

I still don’t think that a group of mostly causals like us should ever match into a team full of pros and analysts. Sure, maybe getting matched up against Gattorex and his crew is fine, but it sucks soooooooo much to lose to teams because they have a greater number of players who aim to play competitively than you do. It works the other way around as well; we can get matched up into teams of t4-6s, and we just smash them because they clearly have no idea what they’re doing. Out of every 10 games, we have about 1~2 that don’t have a clear winner by 10 minutes.

Yus, Drakidus was my old ign.
We’ve met ya with slashing b4

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Oh well.
GG I guess lol

30 chars.

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They have all that blue background they can put it above/below your splash art