Make phinn great again

Man , i miss the days when phinn was banned or picked hehehe
Now everytime i see someone pick him in 3v3 or 5v5 i laugh , he is getting destroyed by everyone .

I think the way to balance him is by adding two things :

  1. make him strong against breaking point and dragons eye , he shouldnt be a free stacks , make the items slowly building stacks against him like 2 hits to build one stack instead of 1.

  2. add to his B anti burn damage , when he activates his B he should provide fortified health and remove any burn damage (mortal wounds) , make him useful against this spellfire and poisonshiv meta .

You can reduce his damage , i dont care , just make his utility better for the current meta , he cant do anything against a lot of heroes .


I’ve heard of players building double boots on phinn for 5v5. JB and any other…WT… for the extra mobility… I would try this, but I don’t own Phinn.

Personally I would get CW to use his ULT more often. then full defense / utility.

Phinn is @Skieblu favourite hero to play… get some tips off him maybe…


Wait I thought boots don’t stack

they don’t stack speed. it’s for the active.

Try it in practice. You can have all boots all on different CD… as long as they are all different


Yes I absolutely agree that Phineas really needs huge buff since laner use him as sandsack to stack that breaking point…

w h o

Yeah though buff him. He’d be broken in any 3v3 but no one cares about those anyway.


What i know that , they buffed all attack ranges and some abilities ranges for other heroes , but phinn pull range still the same , all his abilities range is the same , its not that effective , but iam not asking for a range buff , just make him good as a slow hero .

Increase his Fortified Health exponentially and lower his B cooldown. Give him a speed boost based on the current Fortified Health he has. Makes his B much more of a threatening ability. I’d be thrilled to see the ol’ boy make his way to the Rise after all this time.

I really miss him… definitely deserves a buff.

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I still like phinn, I used him in my rank matches which is 3v3 and 5v5 and I got to say, he may be slow but he is very fun to play. He deserves a buff but it could make it op.

Phinn in 3v3 is just fine but only sucks in 5v5

I feel he is a great example of why the modes should have different balance changes

His whole kit would (imo) not work in 5v5, no matter how much you balanced him (without a complete rework). It’s just not efficient. He works better in small zones where he can hit 2+ enemies with his A and C, or where he can boost more than just 1 ally with his B. I can’t see any way that he’d ever be a good pick for 5v5 in the near or distant future.

@Moose I personally think that no amount of heroes would be a good enough reason to have different balances for different modes. It’d be chaotic and TONS of work for the devs, who are already working so hard to catch up to the community’s suggestions and demands. On top of that, I feel like it would drive off new players faster than anything. I know I certainly wouldn’t like to learn an entirely new kit for my fav to be able to play in 3v3 vs 5v5.

A new kit probably would be extremely but slight stat changes would be a viable solution. Especially for mobility

Yeah the more you think about him the more you see how he designed for 3v3 , but still he is not good in 3v3 , other roams buffed and are good in 5v5 which make them better in 3v3 , while phinn bad in both modes , i just see some cp phinn troll around in 5v5 .

Just uberbuff his ability sizes then.

Makes his ult longer i want fountain hooks lel.