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Make a mobile version...or at least make it so that i can upload pics from my phone


we should make a mobile version of this website… i can’t upload pics when I post stuff or reply to a post.


you can upload pics. When you select upload click on documents and navigate to gallery.


There is a mobile version of the site – it should be displayed automatically when you connect via a mobile device. (All iPads are detected as desktops by design, fyi.)

Can you be specific about the problem you’re having?


You are most likely using far too large pictures which need to be downsized before uploading…


The desktop version of this site is awful compared to the mobile version…


Are you kidding me? Lol … I couldn’t possibly disagree more! :lyra:


I like the mobile version more too. Tho I liked it more when it was all black background, not because of the background, but how the posts were formatted and separated.


Interesting. Come to think of it, I actually dislike nearly ALL mobile web sites. Maybe it feels too constrained to me? Idk – I like a large screen with loads of white space, and that’s not really possible on mobile. Maybe it’s that I grew up when desktops were all we had. :man_shrugging:


The mobile version is very intuitive. The desktop version actually requires more work for the same actions. Uploading a file is way easier with the mobile version for example…


I use both, equally as much as each other. i prefer desktop because the larger display enables me to type well thought out posts and review, edit, think, before i post it.

all those short posts are a product of being time poor and reading forums from a mobile phone.


It’s actually two fewer clicks/taps on desktop.


The loading screen blocks vision so badly that it takes me 4x as long…


Aww… damn. Forum closure imminent, because not mobile friendly enough. :cold_sweat:


i prefer desktop , i use my laptop and ipad to check the forum
i used phone once or twice because ipad charging and didnt like it


I prefer desktop, because whenever I try to tap on the mobile version, it registers as me tapping a half-inch or so ABOVE where I’m actually tapping. It happens on both my phone and tablet, so I don’t know if it’s a forum thing or what. I get so frustrated I either have to switch back to my laptop or switch the site into desktop mode (which makes it run soooo slow, but at least I can type).

Only upside of mobile is that it keeps me from having 6 tabs of threads I intend to read but never get to.


Tbh I agree with hazel here, desktop site is better than mobile. However, if you have an android, you can add the site to your home screen as a widget and when you open it, it works really well. (Better than in the browser)