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Major Spikes/Server Issues?


I don’t know what’s going on, but this has never happened before. The last few days has been ridiculous. Spikes lasting 30+ seconds forcing me to restart the application and keeping me out of the game for 2 - 2.5 minutes.

Is anyone else experiencing this with this patch or since the in-game chat has been incorporated into the game?

It has cost me a handful of games and is definitely causing teammates to give me thumbs down and reduce my karma.

I have taken all steps (always do) to make sure my connection is strong such as: closing all other apps, shutting down my laptop, sitting in a chair by my modem, graphic settings turned down. I’m wondering if I should simply remove the in-game chat feature?

I can’t help but feel this is SEMC continuing to rush our patches and gloss over several performance bugs…


I had a horrible (indefinite – required restarting the app, as you describe) ping spike the other day (early part of the weekend) but it hasn’t recurred, so I figured it was a one-off network issue.

Frame rate issues, on the other hand, ABOUND this patch. 3.10 is by far the worst I’ve seen with regard to graphics performance.


I’m having overall performance issues now with the app. I keep checking my wifi modem - everything looks fine. I’ve uninstalled a few apps and freed up more space on my device, just to be safe. Buttons aren’t registering, things are happening very delayed. Getting a bit frustrating!

In general, what is the best and most direct way to contact SEMC to get an actual and sincere response?



I’ve moved locations. It does seem that today, my home wifi was acting up very strangely. I’ll see how I do here and if no improvements I will contact them. It may be a false alarm, and if so, we can likely close this thread as it doesn’t appear many people are experiencing similar issues.


Literally any time a Treant spawns while on my screen, my phone drops about 0.5 seconds worth of frames. I’ve actually noticed it happens just before the treant spawns, but it happens without fail.


Yes. This has been going on since I got the game, at least at the 35 second mark. I think it’s just “a lot” with the alert and all the monsters spawning at once?


Just finished my first game at the facility where I’m at now. Much better. While there are certainly fps and bugs, it appares my big spikes were certainly from my WiFi coming in and out. Sorry for the false alarm.


VG is horribly intolerant of network latency. Much more so than any other game I play.


hmm, I was playing last night and experienced no such issues. Hopefully it’s sorted out.


I stand corrected. Had another huge 10 second spike during a game again. It’s making the 0 death challenge extra challening!


Only game I know that’s worse is command and conquer rivals, tiny (200 ms +) will destroy the game. I guess brawl stars doesn’t handle lag well also.


Please don’t even mention that game on this site, lol. I’ve read some sites listing it as a MOBA. It’s not a MOBA. Not at all. :roll_eyes:





Legend has it if you say brawl stars 3 times El Primo appears above you elbow slamming you into the ground.


Well, it was certainly one of my most frustrating days playing VG. Major spikes and poor connections all day. Lost too many matches due to it. Should’ve just stopped playing ha. Hopefully I have better connections tomorrow.


Truth… really sad one as I genially remember how much I was impressed with the looks/performance ratio back in the days. The game looked amazing while performing amazing too. Right now the GFX are the same, but the performance is like half of before. I doubt it’s the hats, I think it has more to have with optimizations and the cross platform chase.

Dunno, but I can confirm that even at 5vs5 release it was a lot less demanding with less bugs and less gfx glitches (that I have this patch, like the one when my team have a scout cam in mid bush up/down and I move the camera via the map there - it shows a dark line like shadow, it’s clearly a glitch and wasn’t there previous patch. Mali G72 GPU, as it can be related to the X architecture). Right now I can’t really play on my HTC M8… maybe on low. For comparison - on 5vs5 release I played without a single fps drop from 60 on high. Also on my note 9 before I could play for around 30% more time vs now (and the phone battery is in perfect health + only 4 months old). The last few patches degraded slowly the time I can play + upped the heat, but this last one is $$$ in that regard. Even x-com enemy within drains less + fortnite. :smiley:

Edit: As for the lag, I generally have a higher ping nowdays and a lot more “position estimate error” leading to the so called - using a ability = teleport to another place, press teleport home = teleport to another place, etc.
While before 5vs5 release it was super smooth + on 5vs5 release it was also generally a lot more stable in that regard.

I really wish SEMC could focus on the basics as they are core… like the servers/lag/ping/bugs/engine. They rush everything nowdays, but it already hurts them a lot.

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