Magnus Stats & Abilities Descriptions (by Team BrokenMyth)

Let’s discuss, shall we?

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His ratios are quite conservative, unless you pull off his combos, and get good AOE his strait up damage output won’t be that great.

That said, if you A, AA, B (first pass), AA, B (second pass), AA that 480% cp in a very short space of time. Then you don’t get the stun, and it’s all single target damage though.

Honestly the most impressive thing is the 100% on his perk.

i think the 12 range on his a is pretty impressive. If i remember correctclty Celeste is only 9? Or i am fool with a bad memory

Magnus and lyra with 12 range.
Yes celeste is 9

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I though exploding the mark with an AA dealt AoE damage.

Nope, it’s single target. They just call it an explosion.

12 Range.
1.8 Second Stun.
Imagine having weaknesses. Even a lack of mobility won’t bring him down :slight_smile:

Sounds like the type of hero I need to get into this game. Long range poke, play it safe and when they overextend make them pay.