Magnus Has One of The Best Kits In the Game (Prove Me Wrong!)

I’ve been instalocking him lately and I’m hard pressed to think otherwise. I mean it might come down to his power more than his kit, but there aren’t a lot of heroes that have his versatility in battle, and the funny part is he isn’t really that versatile of a hero, in terms of actually building him but:

He can pretty much pick and choose whoever he wants to kill at any time.

He has barely any downsides and restrictions on his hero besides the fact that his A doesn’t pass through minions and his defense.

He has arguably the best ult in the game, and not because of its power, but because of its mechanics. The length on his ult alone makes him one of the safest heroes to ult with, not to mention the cast time.

The mechanic of his arcane missles marking his targets combined with his ult kill ability is what makes him beast though. I honestly don’t know of many heroes that have an inherent advantage over him. There are a few that can make life hard like ringo, celeste, grumpjaw, and the likes, but they aren’t really even counters to him.

But the best part about him is I don’t see him not ever being viable, as he seems easy to balance: just tweak his power.

Just had to show a little love for this hero because he is hands down my new favorite (sorry Reza…still got love for you though :smile:)

More like the opposite, you need a good team to peel for you, otherwise it’s very easy to kill Magnus.

Horrible early game, broken hit box on A, easy to dodge C, 0 mobility, horrible objective control.

I won’t agree. The ult depends heavily on its base damage, and is relatively easy to dodge (if you see it). IMO, best ult would be… Rose offensive?

Literally any hero with at least 1 mobiility ability, specially assassins.
Also, his mark can be blocked.

Isn’t that the case for all heroes? “Tweak his power” isn’t very specific. Magnus is actually quite vulnerable to changes, that tweak (which in theory was a buff) made him go from instawin and perma ban to sometimes banned when there is nothing else to ban.

Boom, proved. I do think that his kit is good, but from that to say he has no counter… I mean, just watch any assassin or heroes with reposition abilities.

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This is perhaps because I’m more of a support player by nature, but I love Grace’s ult. When you make that epic save and it totally turns a team fight… such a great feeling. In 3v3, I still think Catherine’s is one of the best. For a non support role, I love Skaarf’s paired with boots and coming out of the bush. Instant fiery chaos.

To the post. I do like Magnus and plan on practicing him more. There’s no denying he’s powerful, but he’s a prototype backline. As @Guest_78 alluded to, the better his teammates are, he gets better exponentially. Magnus is quite vulnerable when alone. I’m never afraid to go up against him. Whereas in a team fight when he’s creeping in the back, I am quite stressed as his opponent.

Problem is that it’s too easy to block, the delay prevents it from being the best one IMO.

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I haven’t really struggled with that just by nature of hitting with his a and having his b ready before an enemy jumps on me. The double stun solves a lot of that. As for his early game I don’t find it that bad as long as you put your first point in b instead of A and make sure to land your hits. As for his ult landing, all you gotta do is pop it right literally in the same second of B if marked or a second later on the rebound and its no problem. It’s even easier if you get the B on an already marked target for the double stun, and best if you can get the double stun on a whole team due to marking them with arcane missles.

I agree with you on the objective control to a degree but its not that difficult. Unfortunately the only thing that really works on securing dragons is his ult but I’d say for about anything else he can last hit it by nature of his marks alone, and he can steal dragon or seriously hurt enemies just by arcane marking them while they try to get an objective.

Where mobility is concerned…he’s no different than any other hero without a mobility ability so I don’t really count that, plus his stun makes up for it in some senses. As for getting the jump on him, i can’t tell you how many assassins tried to jump on me just to get hit with a quick a, b combo in the face, while i boots and in the chase they get hit by the second stun. Yes if you miss he cant do much but just the stun alone, especially the double stun, stops so many abilities. Again idk if I just have good aim sometimes but I never struggle with pulling off the a, b combo to stop most heroes.

As for rose offensive…yeah that is kinda one of the best ults lol.

Only if they are bad enough to get hit twice.

It’s what I do, it helps both his clear speed and his fighting potential, but even then his early game is one of the worst.

From this I can say the enemy is horrible if they all get hit by the B, what kind of positioning is it?

But doesn’t make it less of a weakness. For example Baptiste doesn’t have any mobility ability, but he doesn’t suffer as much as Magnus for example.

They don’t know how to play assassin then, they hard counter him, and he isn’t specially hard to dive.

you can’t prove an opinion wrong because opinions can’t be right :sunglasses:


And thats why Ill say that BF had the best kit in the game. It was wholesome and could have fit into a PC moba


I’d say idris was better aswell as black feather(I don’t like him but I know his kit was good). The idea of different play styles depending on the items you chose for idris was cool, his weapon making his shroudstep instant and his basics effecting his abilities cooldowns. His crystal path giving him a crystal ranged attack, making him chakram focused. His chakram can be kept out longer and made to travel different with the use of mobility. His ult allows him to latch on to anyone and become invulnerable also damaging enemies nearby when he jumps off.

You could do hybrid to get both perks but it wouldn’t be as powerful as going in one of the either directions, but was nice seeing it was a thing they thought that about with the path image unlocked

Good mobility, good fighter, with tools available for either build path, with a very interesting kit that felt really great together.

Nope… the best kit would be lyra or malene

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Idk about lyra. I guess I should have been more specific: i meant kit for team wiping really fast lol. Malene is up there but she doesn’t have the aoe without putting her in danger. Definitely a top though.

Idris and blackfeather come in near the top too, though bf is better than idris just in having 3 dmging abilities alone, not to mention 2 ‘aoe type’ abilities.

Im going to disagree :slight_smile:
Best Laner kit IMO: Skaarf
Has poke
Has high structure damage
Has large AoE for teamwide damage
Best Jungle Kit IMO: Rona
Has an AoE Slow/Leap ability
Has an AA enhancing ability
Has an AoE damage/self reinforcing ability
Best Captain Kit IMO: Lance
Has a root
Has a AoE displacement ability with the potential to stun
Has a self buff/reposition ability

They all have kits which make them so much better at their roles and how they are supposed to act during a team fight

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Skaarf is kinda up there. I’d give the old goop skaarf a higher rating than the current one: his goop used to be so powerful :frowning: Only thing I think magnus has over him is his A can poke a lot better than skaarf’s can, when perked, due to arcane missles hitting everything in a bigger radius than his goop. Skaarf is kinda my go to if I don’t have magnus, and boots + flamethrower will be my big cheese move until something replaces it lmao. Never gets old watching enemies try to run away just to hurtle after them like a freight train, dodging almost all stuns with uber speed lmao.

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Then I would put Lyra as a best kit for support wise. Lyra with zone and portals. Ability to heal is a + too. Next to 2nd would be Lorelai with critical timing and empowerment of pool.

Malene kit is unique and fresh to me. Ability to swap form and chain your combo… it feels worth it when I am using her and getting kills. Sure she may not clear fast but her unique kit and character design by far the best design from VG…

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Best kit: Vox. Proof: nerfs doesn’t matter, it’s the only hero that seems inmune to nerfs. The rest of the heroes you touch them a little and they fall out of the meta, Vox no, and he is the hero that has received the highest number of nerfs. Why? Because his kit is simply good. He has been alble to use through out the history the largest variety of items.


Hmm…it’s hard not to agree with Vox lol.

What defines ‘best’ kit is my question. Is it from a ‘this is OP at all times’ position or from a ‘this is interesting and fun, well designed character’ sort of deal.

Personally I’m not a fan of the way SEMC has been designing their heroes (especially the new ones) and the way the game plays. I did quit for a reason. I can go on a page long rants about how they’re not healthy to play against. The old designs are much better, however. Skye and Lance feel like standouts where I can solidly say ‘This feels good to play and doesn’t feel terrible to play against’. They have clear strengths and weaknesses you can play around and are incredibly fun to play because of it and don’t make you want to fully throw your device across the screen when you play against them. Some may disagree with me but personally I think Anka for the most part has a very well designed kit (Her B shouldn’t go through heroes that’s about it) too. On the other spectrum, heroes like Kinetic and Magnus have strengths that you can do little against and weaknesses that aren’t particularly apparent. I guess that makes them the first ‘OP’ category.

I know, thats why i chose him, arguing against It is very hard, which proves its the best one :slight_smile:

It’s Celeste.
Good hero damage
Good objective damage
Relatively good wave clear
Good range
Reliable stun
No weak stages in her kit (after level 8 it just gets better)
Vision on A and auto attacks also give her an edge on survivability over other mid laners

Anka is up there but more skill dependant

Vox also has a reliable kit but lacks damage and range compared to other bot laners

I would say Vox (@Guest_78 already said why) or BF (his original kit): he countered everybody, but was not a master against anyone, he was based in skill, the more skill you had, the higher amount of heroes you could outplay.

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