Mac's Stories: The Siren

So as you may or may not remember from before I took my ~5 month hiatus, I made a post about a story I had written. I’ve been really enjoying writing recently, (whenever I actually get around to it that is) and I recently finished a new piece, this one called the Siren. Just like the previous one, it’s around 1k words. I would love it if y’all checked it out, feel free to leave your opinions!

Also does anyone know how I turn the link into a box thingy?

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Discourse will do that automatically if the site you’re linking to supplies the appropriate meta information (i.e., supports OpenGraph or oEmbed). It looks like DeviantArt is on the Onebox whitelist, so I’m not sure why it didn’t get Oneboxed by the engine. Sometimes deep links don’t work when you expect them to (I am looking at you, ArtStation) because the metadata isn’t supplied by the linked site for individual pages.

EDIT: Yep, that’s what’s happening:

Notice the link to the individual work isn’t Oneboxed but the link to the top page of your DeviantArt does Onebox as expected.

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