Lyra & Varya in 3.8

Lyra falls off this patch. I never once played her as captain this patch. But she rises as CP Lyra! And I am abusing it!

And for captains being meta.
Phinn is first then churnwalker, lorelai then yates.

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Varya does what she does and better. They both might be AA heros but Varya can abuse Eve.

But Lyra is a good counterpick into Varya since her B nulls out Varyas B.

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A good lyra will make use of her spellfire to counter her eve and abuse it…

I can bully varya anytime using Lyra… varya is too stationary most of time when cast her A or ult… and throw my segil and while she tries to throw her lightning spear at me or watch her dies trying to cast her ult… like sweetie… you are a sitting duck… and her B dash is too obvious and I can bulwark even before she thinks about coming near me…

Good varya player will never just spam the A. Good varya will AA and when B is ready single charge - fast spear hit, AA, retreat. Great poke dmg + no time to be vulnerable or give the enemy player time to prepare with charging for two dashes. I won so many lanes even 1vs2 using varya with common sense and not like I am a great player or smth.

Talking about dash, I wish her B was more fluid… I mean if it’s two charges, dash one time and you really can’t quickly release A and move again, there is delay and unresponsive moment even if you pump on A after the dash. Making the double dash from potential massive dmg chain - kinda unnecessary (otherwise we would also see overdrive on B for longer dash I think).


Heh, I see you’ve also know and embraced the power of CP Lyra.

As someone who plays her often enough, I can for sure say that a 3 item CP Lyra consisting of Alternating Current, Dragon’s Eyes, Clockwork or Spellfire can hit like a truck.

I opt Clockwork out most of the time for Spellfire, letting Halcyon Chargers and Crystal Infusion be my energy suppliers.

In my experience, a CP Lyra is:

  • Late game orientated. Her range of 7.1 when she has her ult max and the fact that basic attacks don’t decrease in strength if they move out of range makes her hit hard from afar, more than enough to chip enemies before they can either engage her or run.

  • Is geared towards maxing out her A and Ult for burst and range. Her B is useful, but I think most use it for hard engagements to prevent enemies getting away through her portal or as a last resort burst. Those that can use it to block dashes are truly masterful in how Lyra works.

  • Is relatively more free moving or moves a faster in general than Varya. 3.4 base move speed with a blink like ult vs. 3.2 base move speed with a short distance dash that at times can meant death because players really want that second dash.

  • Has more utility even as a CP carry. Sure, it’s not hard CC, but a 15 meter team wide blink/portal is a big “Hello there. Now get wrecked!”

  • Is very hard to telegraph. Her wind up for her second, empowered basic attacks locks up her a bit, but I’ve always try to use her main attack and get close before bothering to wind up for the second shot. Even then, only when I have Alternating Current do I go for more secondary shots. Her A may seem telegraphed to most players, but in my plays with, as and against her; a good Lyra can zone and chip with that A better than some AoE shots like that (Celeste’s A for example). Not to mention that A has an absurd range of 10 and then 12 when maxed. Her B and ult are near instantaneous, though I’ve seen some Lyra’s get stunned out of them by sheer timing, mostly by a Catherine).

Overall, Lyra’s a really fun hero to play as almost all roles. WP is questionable, but hey,if that player can pull it off (and has the Rare Talent at a high level), good for them.

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True… varya late damage is good…
I don’t play varya at all… but when i see a good varya player. I am like “damn ma!” I need to 1v1 you in the future…

Haha but hats of to varya player as I sucks as her hehe

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CP lyra is still viable as captain. She can dive with the teleport (needs a team coordination tho, can work so bad/random into soloq game), she can zone out dive compositions with her B, her heal and early dmg can put pressure in lanes. She can try to be more cheeky as she has a reliable escape (B then C, laugh my ass off when I see players do it opposite way, if not on purpose towards tower/base shrine - did that few times and got great kills, but I digress). As a CP carry she is even more great this patch tho + the C/B can be used either for escaping or attacking really bad into squishies/chase them + great poke with A + great dmg with AAs and long range late game.

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Talking about Varya, her usage of her A really depends on the skill of the player and what build they are going for I feel.

Like a Varya who’s good at aiming will get her A out a lot. Faced some of this with Spellfire and let me tell you those hurt, even when I’m the Captain.

Her A and B combo is tricky to pull of for most, because the B tends to force the targeting ring to be up after charging for two dashes.
I can pull it off ok, but most would find it clunky to use her B with her A when it’s charged for two dashes.
I say most tend to just use the B for the one dash instantly (hence why it’s worth maxing it at times) and then immediately prep the A for a smack.
Clockwork is a necessity in this case because it aids keeping all abilities up most of the time.

Her B is definitely not fluid like some dashes, particularly if used for two dashes.
However, it feels much better when used on PC because PC controls are a bit more fluid and not as prone to be triggered my misclicks and such that touch players face.
Not sure about Joystick, though in my experience, it’s easy to just trigger for one dash rather than bother doing two as the move joystick is very trigger happy (and also easy to move as it’s big).

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She is really strong, I have almost only wins with her and the loses I was highest dmg in the game always. As I said tho, I am mediocre - a lot better players there and they can bring the pain for real from game start to game finish at 15m mark. hahah

Wp lyra is viable but I been called a troll…

However cp lyra, I don’t need a need for clockwork as I heavily rely on my AA and always stay back line. Alternating + dragon eye especially this 2 in late game is already powerful as her damage can go up to 700+ and you in her sigil dishing 600+ burst damage.

I usually have 4 cp build. Alternating, dragon eye, broken myth (heavily shield enemies) and spell fire… husk and boots.

However I recently learned that shatterglass is good on lyra too but lesser attack speed but damage dish out has a huge difference… 200+ extra

I know… i can say the same for lyra… highest kda and kill too. Hehe

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Varya can go either AC patch or pure CP glass cannon with cooldown. Both hurts quite bad. Maxing A gives really great range for finishing fleeing enemies or poke before fight start. C maxing out is kinda a must because of varya kit and massive attack speed bump from level 2 to 3. B is also good on overdrive, but it’s mostly A vs B and generally A will be more useful into most enemy comp.

As for charging A without B beforehand - ofc it can and should be done too, but most players even in t10 do the noob mistake to spam it when up without real aiming or thinking (i.e. the surroundings/positioning/map awareness, as they are literally becoming stationary target - perfect for ganging).

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Mhm, it’s true that WP Lyra is somewhat trolly. Most have to face it to consider it’s menacing power.

I had Clockwork a few time because of what I’ve build iirc. It’s usually when I have team mates that are carrying like mad and I as CP Lyra is just supplementing that damage. I get a Pulseweave or Crucible and heal like a back up Captain. Kind of. Combine that with Warthreads which takes place of Halcyon Chargers because Clockwork is already in the build, and they start thinking I’m a Captain, lol.

I can see why a 4 item build is good, but I’m generally cautious and a poker, so I make them bleed via Spellfire and poke them out with my long range. That’s usually enough to get Dragon’s Eye up high before I go in with my ult and say hello and goodbye to them, hehe.

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Right now Lyra is most devastating going pure glass cannon - no defence at all(or captain items). As her B/C is super reliable escape, she can get away with that. Not like the meta is no defence as general, but some heroes are just better without such (and Lyra was build before 3.8 glass cannon as CP too).

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I usually prefer pure cp! Makes her incrediblely threatening to enemies! 2 AA attacks with 4 missles finishes the enemy easily… then throw the sigil to finish the other. Teleport and finish the 3rd. XD.


You guys are turning this from a rant into a useful discussion – STOP IT. :rbgwen:

(Srsly: should we split this into a new topic/category – maybe Lyra/Varya discussion or some such?)


Hint: dont try to fight Varya late game no matter who you are. She is the carry with the highest WR late game by far.

Maybe for most. Not me.

I will take her down no matter what…

Would love it.

30 characters hehe

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That its for t10 and 9. You will probably win because you are a One-Trick Lyra, fight a One-trick Varya and you will lose late game.

Edit: as a general rule, Lyra only has a 40% win rate against Varya, which measn Varya>Lyra