Lyra 'Sun&Moon' Splash Art

This is more my school assignment! Lyra ‘Sun&Moon’ concept ideas!
You can vote or choose which I should go for! I will update this thread weekly till my school submission. Thanks Luv <3


1 or 2 and maybe 5 are the only ones that feel very “Lyra” to me. The other action poses don’t really fit to me.

really cool work though. Look forward to seeing the end of the project.




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I’d say either 1 or 3, 1 would show Lyra and the sky more while 3 it looks like it will show off a lot of structures/environment in the background.

Either way, It’ll be cool to see whichever one of those 6 ideas you pick and further progress on

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Well if I am to based on previous splash, then yes. 1,2 5(maybe 4) feels ‘Lyra-ish’ but I was hoping to show a stronger concept like she is also battlemage hence a pose like 6. 3 and 5 gives me the ritual vibe where she cast her spells.

But thanks.


alright, will keep that in mind while decide which to go for. Thanks :heart:

Update, my teacher decided to go with 2nd composition since it’s the easiest and It’s also my first time doing a splash art.

I have to change the clothes flow and design at the bottom though. Next week will be colour and shading and submission :smiley:


Thanks for sharing this process with us! It’s very cool to follow along as you work through it!!


I am learning a lot of things too! the composition, lighting, art style. Clothes flow. I never realise splash artist have it tough. I always assume, splash artist always have pose reference in mind and they create it from there. but as I was doing it. I have to create a splash art to give the concept a story.
as well as making it appealing of cus.

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