Lyra help?

So I have taken a liking to captain in 5v5 especially if I can also switch roles if needed. I recently picked up Lyra anyone have any tips, ticks, and builds?

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Ignore everything people say.

Fountain Cruc SH AP/MJ WT Echo

Make sure to use your Echo on your A. You will heal more than a fountain every 15 (don’t quote my specificity - it’s pretty fast though) seconds and be pretty tough to take down. Sometimes I ditch SH or AP/MJ and go CW, although rarely

Watch Xenotek with this build. It’s honestly so much more fun than the traditional roam

No. You do not need a damage item

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Unless their mid laner is Malene or Skye, I usually go 2 crystal bits first and keep on harassing their mid laner.
My favorite build: Crucible -> SC2000 -> War Treads -> Fountain -> Echo -> Any cooldown item. If you find yourself getting focused by specific enemy, build Aegis/MJ but its very situational. Max A and B
Generally you don’t use basic attack untill your team is chasing someone. Try not to heal yourself and position yourself separately from your team

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First buy boots and oakheart
Second buy stormguard banner and 2 hour glass
Third buy scout pack Then i get crucible followed by wartreads and i get fountain as a last item. I turn the scout pack into boosted cam if the game lasts long enough

With Lyra’s heal, I can understand not rushing Fountain to an extent (rushing Crucible is more beneficial in CC-heavy cases). It should be your second or third item at the absolute latest. NEVER last item

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trick move, porting directly behind an enemy that’s running away, from the turret.
they end up in the turret and your team should be able to clean up.
Do this when there’s no minions under turret fire.

using your A for the speed boost when chasing / fleeting. Use your A for damage. Use your A for stealing Dragons. oh, it heals as well. is there anything it can’t do? arguably the best ability in the game.

Her B is incredibly useful when timed right, don’t waste it. Any dive hero should be very scared of her B.

I usually Max her A and B, because they do damage. A smart Lyra won’t need her ULT too often.

Honestly best played as a captain, her healing scales with max health.

Going off @Ve3nNo0wM , when using your ult to chase as a team, angle it so your team doesn’t run into the wrong end. For example, when chasing down lane, angle it downward.

When using your A to steal a dragon, place it on the inside wall edge - touching the dragon but not enemy heroes - so that it doesn’t damage any heroes. This way you get vision to pop it at the right time, and it lasts longer since most players won’t step into it to tank any damage and get rid of it.

DO NOT use your B for vision. I hate when people do this. Your A can be used as vision so use it instead. Also, every dive hero has an animation - learn them and your B is wonderful

NEVER max ult

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Lot of people ignoring Supercam here… it offers 500 HP and a tonne of vision, think it’s a mistake not to build this on Lyra myself.

I’ve been working on 3v3 rank for the past 2 days - I’m out of the 5v5 mindset

Actually, here is my last match, using the build that I suggested above

imo, slumbering husk on a captain isn’t good. yes you get more hp and her heal scales with it, but you could also get, say, contraption/cw for more frequent heals.

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Not saying I’m right, but it does offer a lot of health and the additional vision is tremendously helpfull, think it offers more than a slumbering husk!

Just my opinion, sure I’m wrong! :/)

The Kestrel was messing me up early - mid game. After I didn’t need it and had enough gold to switch it out, the match was pretty much over

In 5v5 I played Lyra with AC, DE, FoR, WT, Crucible, Echo/Nullwave…
In 3v3 as Roamer with FoR, Crucible, Echo, Slumberring/Atlas, WT, CW…

Those were long time ago build since i played vg…

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