Lyra Build

Heres a good Lyra build I use quite often & How they help

-Alternating Current (more speed, more slow)
-Spellsword (Need that energy & quite effective)
-Journey boots or war treads (we know why)
-Fountain of Renewal (Crucial for team fights)
Atlas Pauldron (Slow that Tony with tornado triggers)
-Crucible (Save a friend in need)
-StormCrown (Help your friends take the objective)

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What are you doing with this build? Is it a lane build or a roam build? Because it’s not really doing either thing very well.

If your roaming you should be stacking HP and if your laning splitting DMG across WP and CP is a waste of time.

If you’re laning try AC/SF/BM/SC or SG… she has huge AEO potential with her B so team wide mortal wounds are a reality etc!

This build is joke…

Before 3.0, my main hero was Lyra as support…

I cry knowing she bring Alternating Current and Spellsword…

Well, it’s done me well this far :slight_smile:

Roam, never seen a Lane captain besides people who dont know what to do

Roam with AC and SS, I’m going to take a punt and say your tier 7 or lower, am I right?

Her healing abilites scale with health yet you’ve neglected crucible and WT are a must (you seem to suggest this is debatable), you should also be building an echo or a CW to ensure your abilites are up on a regular basis.

“People who don’t know what to do”, seems you might just be the person who doesn’t know what they’re doing I’m afraid. Lyra lane is a very viable option especially top lane. She has huge self sustain, decent clear and large AEO abilites late game with the added bonus of team utility.

Sometimes I understand off meta item-hero combinations, but this is a mix of two different roles, in which neither are done well.

  • Roam needs to stack health
  • Lane, which Lyra does wonderfully top lane, can ditch FoR, Cruc, and often SC
  • And Ssw … ???

Although it may have “done [you] well” so far, it won’t get you far, in terms of higher tiers.

Also on the “lane captain” note, I’m assuming you’ve never seen CP Ardan (yes, it’s a thing), CP Adagio, CP Lyra, CP Catherine, CP Fortress, WP Lance (although usually jungle), or WP Grace. All of them are not only great to lane, but also really fun.

Look up some of their builds and branch out in that direction, and ease up at being so defensive about your builds. @Glowarm gave some good tips and you blew them off. Critique is the only way to learn.


I have written the most popular and highest rated lyra in VG Fire so I am going to give my 2 cents in this discussion.

Roam Lyra should build SC if you are going soloq. The lane pressure that you put on to the enemy will be intensified with the fast wave clear and strong poke in the early game.

Carry Lyra there ARE actually not 1 but 2 viable builds for her(not including WP Lyra)

Attack Speed based
This we alll know.
Alternating Current, Dragon’s Eye, Broken Myth, EOH/Spellfire/Metal Jacket, Aegis and Journey boots.
That is how she is classically played since her release as AC carry reliant on her basic attacks.

Burst Build
Don’t think I am trolling. I am seeing more and more pros using this in their rank 5v5 history(IraqiZorro for example) really weird build that I never thought is possible to work out but it did(I tried it in rank 5v5 and it was insane).

Shatterglass/Spellfire Clockwork Spellfire /Broken Myth Broken Myth Defense and Halcyon Chargers.

The main idea on how this is played is to spam your sigil in the late game. It has a 6 second cooldown and can be reduced everytime an enemy passes through your bulwark and has a hit range bigger than Celeste’s supernova. It’s high base damage with decent crystal ratio of 120% make this possible to spam and it can do 1500+ damage to enemies in total when group together(I hit it with 3 enemies once and it did 497 damage to EACH enemy and it wasn’t even the late game). Her basic attacks will be slow howveer and its main purpose will be to do damage when her sigil is on cooldown and to finish a fleeing enemy with her 7.1 range.

It works people.

The main idea


Lyra should piles up health items since her healing works amazingly with item like those.
One side I agree Lyra is wonderful with AC but her attack speed is her weakness. Dont you see that when she releases two missiles she will hold the ground and be easy to be killed and that position ia very dangerous for her. It is because she cant stutterstep…or even she isnt melee hero. So imo, AC only for heroes with stutterstep ability or melee fighter.

What I enjoy with the spellfire is the fact her Bulwark has such a huge AOE, in late game team fights you can not only proc the mortal wounds but also the DMG over time. Whilst your not going to 1v1 many WP carries you are going to lay down some huge team wide DMG and entirely negate a FoR.

Some nice tips though I’ve been experimenting with Lyra for a while now and never really considered how her B synergises with CW.

How do you get over her early game farming issues, it’s this which has always led me to build SC/AC.

I havent said this is an actual build I use in ranked. I’ve only said, “I’ve used it.” I never clarified if it’s good, if it’s strategic, or if it’s fun. Playing a hero with it’s classified role is fun for me. I use this build if people are stacking TM’s in Blitz, that’s about it. A carry captain isnt my kind of style. I honestly like how you gave suggestions & critiqued. As for other people, all I see is the same things. I’m not wasting my time replying to each person due to how people have things to do. Ranked isn’t my thing, all I see is people build the same thing. 2 TM’s, 1 SW, Breaking Point or Bonesaw, Serpents mask or Poinsoned shiv. Whatever it is it’s all the same. Making a build isn’t based on tier in my opinion. (Glowarm) I know people can’t sense sarcasm over the internet, but I mean, honestly this build is kind of bad, I’d like to go against people that know what their doing besides spamming abilites & stacking the same item over & over.

Okay just to be clear you clearly said “here’s a good lyra build” in your opening sentence.

Making a build isn’t based on tier I agree; however if this was ever used in my tier I’d get incredible salty with my roam, and my immediate thought would be “wtf you doing”, you’ve significantly reduced your healing potential by stacking some weird WP/CP combo. And your offence potential has been reduced because your stacked some strange items together (hybrid builds seldom work, although their are exceptions.

Not entirely sure what your getting at with the back end of your post:

“(Glowarm) I know people can’t sense sarcasm over the internet, but I mean, honestly this build is kind of bad, I’d like to go against people that know what their doing besides spamming abilites & stacking the same item over & over”

If your suggesting i don’t know what I’m doing fair enough, just offering some advice from a tier 9 lvl with some potential build paths for both roam and CP lane Lyra (which really is a thing, and would be used more if it weren’t for the fact she’s the No 1 roam right now).


This is basically a shitpost build, The only thing Ive commented on your other post was about tiers. :slight_smile: