Lyra as Utility/Weapon/Crystal

Before you mark me a troll, I can assure you I am not. I don’t leave the game half way. I don’t tilt either.

I love testing Lyra with different builds. In my experience, this is the best build for me. Maybe not for you but for me, it is.

With this build, Lyra can sustain and peel enemies effectively.

I usually prefer my team to have 2 captains with hybrid builds, 2 Carry and 1 jungler.
Of cos, one captain have to take control of one lane which is me.

Enemy Lyra went pure Crystal, she was pretty good too.

I’m curious as to how we would be getting this impression from your post.

Well, from my previous forum I was in. They mark me as a troll for my build.

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Hot damn that’s toxic as hell. Don’t worry about that here.


So what’s your opinion on my build.
My IGN is TadashiN, you can see the picture above. Left side as Lyra

I personally wouldn’t consider giving my Lyra WP but that’s just a preference to my own play style, I would rather focus on pure CP and support items to maximize the effectiveness of my abilities. When I play Lyra, I usually cancel out the second part of the auto-attack unless I’m in battle with an enemy hero. Unless you build a Clockwork, that second part of the auto-attack can be very detrimental to your energy. I also wouldn’t use a Stormcrown, but, I rarely ever do. Fountain, Crucible, and Alternating Current are all great picks.

I pick Sorrowblade to increase her ability of basic attack.
Stormcrown too increase her basic attack as well as her special moves A + B

I understand why you do it, don’t worry.

I would go pure CP too, it scales better with her abilities. Even SG is not a bad pick on her btw

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Pure CP really makes her cannon but squishy

My advise is do a single form of damage so that you get good scaling. So SB BP TT
Or SG BM AC. Now you lose out on a lot of fronts.

Wp is actually cancer early on…
I met a POA silver Lyra and I was laning against her as wp Gwen…
Well I got harassed so much that I ended up giving first turret. Lyra has way more range than me so whenever I would try to go cs (she froze lane btw reeeee) she would auto me twice before I even got close to auto her once.
I still don’t think it’s really a viable pick except really situational, but I feel like it can do well into wp vox as well.
I’ve heard that CP is rlly good, but iam yet to see one in 5v5.

I do Hybrid captain myself. These are ranked matches in which I can both play captain and deal damage/protect. CP scaling on all skills helps a lot.
When you stack items of the same kind you get better returns damage wise.

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  1. WP is not viable anymore, so if you still build WP then you will be marked as troll (SEMC hate her as WP and has nerfed her since she is too OP in WP Path. They even made a rule: WP Lyra User will be marked as RITO - the famous Deserter!).

  2. The build you use is a hybrrid carry build! So I see no point in reporting a legit build!

  3. You haven’t seen me playing hybrid Sam or Patel! So you should report yourself for posting this :smile:

Ohhh, I love cp on grace, not only it deals dmg, but it scales her abilities by a lot. SG is comon for me on her. Shielding, heal, dmg from abilities scales really good.


It scales her barrier it scales her passive damage reduction and her heal.

On top of all the damage buffs CP grants her…


And yet even at t8, I have met players who think I troll when I build some CP early on while I actually take into the account the enemy/my team comp… even was asked after a game (that we won ofc) and when I explained her abilities it was ok. Yep, a lot of people don’t even know the hero that any given other player is playing and yet project their vision. Sad


Enemy lyra had a CS of 41, “pretty good”?

I started a match vs an enemy koshka and went boots crystal bit and two people start pinging fountain at me. Not realizing that I just upgraded my shield buff for them and my own tankiness.

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Hybrid builds re usually toilet builds… what benefit are you getting from hybrid over straight WP/CP?