Lyra 5v5 Pentakill

Crazy pentakill by a teammate during 5v5, pretty much wrapped up the game. We were already in the lead by quite a large margin but this was the icing on our cake.


Lol - what was their build? I was trying to see it but can’t quite.

Yeah, sorry, the controls are in the way. Their items were:

  • Alternating Current
  • Dragon’s Eye
  • Halcyon Chargers
  • Kinetic Shield

Is this bots, it looks like it

No, it’s PvP. What gives you the impression it’s bots?

Just the way they ran look like they were bots

That’s actually hilarious, I had to go back and look closely. That Lyra’s final K/D was 13/4 and the Rona was 15/3. They established control of the entire map early game, so I think the opposing team at that point were just frightened by their presence.

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