Lvl 31/32 chest rewards

What did y’all get?
I got like 500 glory and 3 rare talents ;-;
They’re at the level of quest chests now lol

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I can’t even figure out how y’all are leveling so fast. I’ve playing vg about 12 hours a day for 2 weeks now and I jumped from 29 to 29 and a half…


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Yeh im not opening them until 3.0. Maybe the rewards might change.


Wtf i got nothing good from the sunlight levels and only 1 rare key at lv 50… I got only 1 rare key at lv 50 for like 3 seasons in a row now.


When did you open this season 50lvl rewards?

This feeling i m so used to lmao. Every season i get to lvl 50 in a month n according to semc logic, sunlight rewards increase with levels except for lvl 15,35 and 50. Noice.

lucky. Shit. PErks of levelling up late

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Like 2 weeks ater the season started lel

To be exact, 2nd Jan.

I was around 40 by the time 2.12 hit. I thought all the rewards were nerfed to shit then. So I played using default skins to minimize sunlight gain… But played lots and reached 50. Guess it was worth it :smile:

lvl 32 reward- 200 glory and 2 rare talents. SEMC why u even giving me anything lmao. Dont need these namesame account level rewards.

So you are really new to the game…

No? Where did I imply I was new with any of that?

I knew it was gonna be this way. Everyone excited for 10 new chest levels but I knew they were not gonna be much. After SEMC changed how to get skins I knew it was gonna be nearly impossible to get anything knowadays.

New or not, this man is damn skilled

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Not being lvl 30…

As soon as levels were added most people rushed through…

I’ve only been playing since beta mostly casual up until a few months ago. I’m far from new to vainglory or the MOBA scene.

Dude you can’t play since beta and not be lvl 30… That’s a joke…

it’s possible to be casual with a wife and kids… I’m confused of what your point is.

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That I and the rest of the world have been lvl 30 for over a year. Yet you claim to be here from the start without hitting lvl 30.

I have a wife and kids too. Very limited game time and stopped playing several times. Still lvl 30 was a joke…