LPQ thingy

Why do I get locked by LPQ after just 1 game afk because of high pings? (Even though my internet is perfectly normal - as I checked). How do I get out of LPQ

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And also ping indicator is such a scam

Well you either play it out or contact semc but be mindful that took me 24 hours

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I think it depends on how many people report/downvote you

Now I have no clue how the system works now, but I know that before it worked like this:
The more you dodge matches or go afk in a match, the harsher and quicker the system punishes you.

SO unless SEMC “improved” the system by making it more ban happy, this shouldn’t happen after only one match. You probably have some afk/dodges in the system that made it go “Woah there this here is a terroristical bad man we gotta ban him”


Play blitz. 5 minutes x whatever amount of games you need to play.

What are the quality settings for your game and how high end is your device?

They broke a lot of stuff making 5v5 you can get insane lagg spikes from certain graphics and animations even with a decent device.

Try dropping quality to medium or even low. Graphical packages send to the server and send back can cause lagg on just your end with perfect internet…

I know because it used to happen to me all the time before destroying the game visuals…

I got black screen in br for 2 times

And this happens :pouting_cat:

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You very likely have had some recent reports, for dodging, toxicity or the like. I had to afk just yesterday cause my connection died, but only got a warning, so they definitely didn’t increase penalties.

Afk get you straight to lpq , dodging is ok
I had a great karma from upvotes and got lpq directly from one afk

The data transfer between client and server is identical, regardless of graphic settings.

Graphics are a purely client-side affair, but things may start getting seriously wonky if you are experiencing frame-rate drops which are bad enough to trigger netcode issues.
As in: The client is bogging down your device to the point where whatever’s happening on screen is de-synch to the server-side calculations, and stuff goes further downhill from there.

That’s something which ought to be easily reproduceable, though, and could be fixed through client optimization. So it might be worth contacting support with your device’s details.

I did contact support and smashing the graphics to low helps 90%.

I don’t even have a low end device… Game seriously got a lot heavier to run properly on 5v5…

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Yeah, lots of people are experiencing that, I think.

'just saying: It has nothing to do with the data being transfered.

Its funny cause I have a nvidia k1 64 bit with a 192 core gpu and I have to put the settings on low because they can’t program…

I’m pretty sure the LPQ got more sensitive in recent patches. I recently got a 5 round 11 minute ban for unintentionally dodging at hero select. Granted earlier that day I had gone afk in a few games for small periods of time and gotten deserter warnings, and the day before I had left a game due to a data disconnect and never rejoined and gotten a 3 round ban when I logged back in, so it was probably coming.

It doesn’t seem like they stagger the severity of LPQ as much, meaning nowadays if you mess up too often or get downvoted enough, you get hit with the harsher penalties faster. It definitely didn’t shoot up to 11+ minute bans as quickly before. You got a couple 3 round 3 minute bans before they smacked you with the serious stuff in the past, even when afking a lot. Nowadays it seems like unless you have a really good streak of upvotes, you get banned harshly quicker.