Low quality hero drawings: the finale

With VG CE being set into motion and effectively locking the game’s roster to what we have now (for the time being at least, although I doubt that new heroes will ever be added), I decided to finally finish my low quality hero drawings once and for all. The first sets of drawings can be found here and here for reference, but anyways here’s all the other heroes I never drew:

I certainly enjoyed drawing these as with the others and I’m pretty glad that I stuck around with the game to see the roster be “completed” even if some of the heroes such as one who shall remain nameless even though it’s slightly obvious who I’m referring to were uh, problematic, to say the least.
I’m definitely still open to doing more drawings, but without any possible indication of more heroes coming, I suppose that this is the end of the low quality hero drawings series. I guess it had to end sometime but I’m honestly kinda glad that I was able to fully finish it rather than leaving it incomplete due to a lack of interest in the game on my end or something.
With the end of this series, I hope everyone enjoyed seeing my drawings.


The true ending this game deserved. What are their high quality names?


It doesn’t directly show it here, but the filenames on all of em have their high quality names. To save a few clicks on the images tho, their names are Battlebird, Meho, Istar, Viole, Shun, Karus, and Amale.


It does show the names if you hover over the images* … they made me laugh, as always :smile:

* too bad so sad for you mobile users who can’t hover :helicopter: However, you can also tap an image to open the gallery, which will display the name.


If we can eventually create our own community board in VG this should be the first thing to show up on the SEMF server