Low ping=better kiting/stutterstepping? need help on ping


ffs i am really envious of the people with under 90 ping. I have consistent 210 ping in the SEA server, which is okay unless i am playing as ringo. how can i get better ping without moving countries?


find a reliable internet provider?


It’s hard, you can try different provider or/and better router, but not much more. Otherwise it’s true that ping affects heavily some heroes like ringo.


HI there!
First off which country are you from? I am from Australia and I am supposed to get 200-300ms but I get 100ms
100ms is low (for me), however stutterstepping is still hard due to the random ping spikes because of the distance.
I use a VPN which helps immensely in mitigating the ping from 200-300 to a solid 100-110ms. My favourite free vpn is Monster VPN, both on ios and android. Make sure you connect to the singapore server tho.
If you are from Victoria and have Nord VPN, let me know because i can help you with the servers to choose which reduce ping.


lower ping = better everything


I wish they would just create east coast servers for NA it’s so annoying to play…


i am from new zealand…i guess that 210 ms is quite steady for me…do you think that those two vpn’s will work here? if not, do you know any other vpn’s that could work?


Those two VPNs do have a chance of working for you, but it really depends on your location. if they dont work, try speedify, which use to work for me(not any more), and as always either connect to singpore or your location’s server. If none of these work, you should create an account in EA or NA. I get about 170ms on those servers which is less than what I should be getting for SEA without a VPN. To do this, again, you will need a VPN to do so. Make sure you select the country which belongs to either NA or EA, such as the US or South Korea, then create your account. DO this only if SEMC refuses to swap your server, or as a test run to see if you actually can get less ping in those servers.