Lovingeman and vg gold

I watched some of loving eman streams while he was grinding that elo
And felt bad for him recently because some guy tweeted about him (boosting himself)

Iam one of the players that still enjoy 3v3 more
And i know eman pain because he getting no elo from his games

I think semc need to do something about it instead of listening to the people who wanted him banned !

What he did is wrong but the game is not perfect to prevent what happened !

there you go. it’s wrong to do this, so why should he not be banned? the only way i see that this is fixed is so that there are either more gains all throughout, or more players. vg is already trying to get more players, but the problem is, 3v3’s becoming more and more unbalanced to balance 5v5, and that’s why less people wanna grind for 3v3. smec just doesnt wanna straight out say it bc obv it’ll get backlash.


I got no respect for people who do this. How can others play fairly and he can’t? Also the less people playing 3v3 the easier it would be for him to climb no? I’ve been a victim to such case. 1 guy sniping his duo team and intentionally losing for them. Funny thing is me and my teammate were actually winning fights even 2v3 yet we lost because of objectives. It is not fun and beyond unfair. If you experienced this I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be defending him.


He cheated the elo system so he should be banned its not even up to debate. It doesn’t matter if he’s nice guy and gets unnecesary hate on twitter, everyone caught self boosting got banned and his ban is deserved


If you self boost or pay for boost you should be banned for a season first offense if you sell boosting services you should be permanent ban


He’s a super chill guy but in all honesty even if he does get to VG Gold is he really even VG Gold? He’ll just have the trophy and that’s it. He didn’t improve on his mechanical skill at all. He just boosted himself all the way there so I don’t think SMEC should just let this pass. (But then again maybe they should because I’ve noticed how my allies are so boosted and when I check them out on VGpro they get freelo over and over due to matchmaker while I’m there struggling against actual VGB material.)


This might be a dumb question,but what does “self-boosting” mean?

I think the elo system is part of the problem
Like you could play 10 games and gain 5 elo then people snipe and you could lose 6 or 7 elo , atleast 5 , and thats crazy

I honestly expected him stop playing but he did continue until he did his big mistake , in my opinion its understandable mistake based on game situation , high elo games are broken , long wait time and no elo .

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it goes like this. You have two accounts. Your normal one, and one for boosting yourself. And you snipe your own game. You pretty much just make the one you want to boost your account afk. So you win the game easily.

Dude that’s just how the ELO system works for everyone in VG (besides boosted accounts, but still they lose 30 ELO and gain 20 something ELO so its irrelevant). Beginning of the update I went from 2450~ to 2415~ and like damn that feels bad because I too make 5 ELO and lose 6-7 ELO. And if he gets sniped, how is this a problem? People tend to snipe boosted players or really bad ones so they can get that ELO and that’s not a bad thing. It tends to actually help out matchmaker but making the weaker players go in the bottom and better ones at the top. And my point stands much better due to this being a 3v3 discussion and not a 5v5 one. So ELO system does not justify his actions. VG Gold is a test of skill. And if wait time is a problem just switch to 5v5. I was hating 5v5 at the beginning too because I am a jungle main and that does not serve well because its hard to carry with laners who don’t know how to carry. Then I switched to a laner position and damn I became so much better as a mechanical player but other lanes do exist and they do lose.

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Have no idea what happened, but if he really was caught boosting then he deserves the ban.

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tldr he was caught self boosting by queueing his main and alt in 3v3 then just playing on his main and letting the alt afk. (alt is in enemy side)

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Wouldnt his alt’s elo be too far to snipe after a few games?

Small numbers queuing top tier 3v3 and if that starts happening you just rank the dump account up a bit I guess.


Well sniping a streamer is bad because they can watch and know the plans
Second thing if they know who they are sniping they can play in the strength and weakness and deny the players their strong picks , so there is unfair advantage , but i dont know what is the solution , the leaderboard ?!

this is why a lot of people put delays on their stream (back then, at least), even a minute or two delay is fine

Basically sniping yourself with 2 different accounts using 2 different devices and then intentionally lose on one to boost the other.

A good player should always be flexing their playstyle based on their opponent. There’s also stream delays that they could use if sniping is really that bad. Strong picks? Why would anyone in high tiers ever decide to ban something that isn’t meta just because LovingEman is on the other team? Don’t get me wrong, he is a great player, but the only times I played against him in 3s is when CP Kestrel is one of the meta picks, and we let that slide in ban which was a grave mistake. He seems to me like more of a meta player but I won’t talk to much on that. But bans aren’t supposed to be player orientated (except new hero bans) they are supposed to be meta orientated.