LOTR TV Series 2021

I just made a reply to one of @hazeleyes post in a thread about Amazon’s new MOBA game. I then simply Goggle searched “Silmarillion TV series” to see if I somehow missed something. I then discovered this:

How has this not made bigger news, or at least big enough for me to have caught on sooner.


I knew about this, but it scares me … Middle-earth is so incredibly complex and deep – “epic” doesn’t even begin to adequately describe the sweep of the history that Tolkien created – that I just don’t think it’s likely to translate well to the small screen. Hopefully, I’m wrong – like you, I’m a huge fan of The Silmarillion, and the long history of the Elves fascinates me.

What gives me hope is the following:

  • The sheer volume of resources being put into this
  • Small steps that show the attention to detail that I personally like (NZ for location, partnership with the right groups such as NLC)

Don’t forget that John Carter :alphabarf: cost $263 million …


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