Losing double elo

i think there is something wrong with the game !
i lost a lot of elo in one game yesterday and today

both of them had the spoil of war twice
so the game probably thought i lost twice or something
it looks like i lost double elo !

So you’re saying you lost twice the elo, but also gained double the rewards for one match?

Yes , spoils of war appeared twice in a row and i lost double the normal elo
It happened twice and both in 5v5 ranked

One game dropped me from 1804 to 1768 , 3 games to climb back
The other game after i climbed to 1798 i dropped to 1761
The games were normal like all my games enemy and my team rank were normal , like i should gain and lose something like 15 .

I dont really care about my 5v5 elo , but this thing could stop people from playing , losing elo worth 3 games in one game is bad.

Did you make sure your internet didn’t mess up during those times?

Its a server thing , my internet is not responsible
Sometimes you play a game and the spoil of war doesnt appear even if you restart your game , because the game didnt register for you so your teammates get the elo and your elo stay the same , its a known bug still happens and happened to me .

But losing double elo is new for me , showing spoils of wars twice in a row means the server registered my game twice , so it did double subtratct the loss elo as i see it .

Have you checked to see it wasn’t you internet messing up during the process though. You say it is a server issue yet it sounds more like a sync issue that it started spoils of war you went out of sync during it so the server sees you didn’t get it and sends you a 2nd one. I have been able to do that with disconecting from the internet before

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If only the opposite was possible. Gain double rewards and elo when you WIN.

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It is but the timing of internet cutting off or phone shutting off has to be just right but abusing it could lead to being banned

End game screen often shows up late, and until it does it doesn’t record ELO loss / gain. You probably encountered this, makes you think you lost double ELO when it was probably the screen from a previous game.

no iam sure it was for that specific game
if it happened to me once i would ignore because i gnored it when it happened
but the next day happened again and the same pattern , spoil of war twice and the elo loss big

the spoils of war were back to back no delay
once i clicked and finished the first one the second one popped directly

so its the server sending me spoils of war twice , nothing wrong with my connection

Again back to back sounds more like a quick drop in connection

then can you explain why the no game registered bug happens ?
is it a connection problem too ? , man iam sure 100% its a server problem
the server by mistake do things , and it looks like double elo loss is a new bug instead of the no elo at all .

Both sound like a sync issue(netcode) that is triggered through network connection(or ping spike) with the server trying to correct it

we need an ex dev opinion because no devs here
@VideoVillain is this server or connection problem ?

Ive gotten double spoils before i think 3 times - it was right when 5v5 ranked came out and I dont remember my rank being doubled; it might be from SEMC’s 20 game boost shadowing it, but my sunlight definitely did.

I’m beginning to get the feeling no answer will be satisfactory.

It just sounds like a run-of-the-mill connection issue.

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With all the changes that have happened since I left, I’d only be able to speculate. It sounds like a connection issue for the spoils showing twice, the trigger getting hit again somehow. I doubt you actually gained double the rewards on the server-side. Even if it showed you gaining twice, if you log out and back in, you’ll probably notice the numbers are down half.

As for the Elo, that would likely be a visual delay catching up.

But again, I’ve been out of the loop now for a few months and many changes came out!

But it sounds like something that would get investigated if you sent a message to support.


I had it happen twice too… So it isnt just him…