Lorelai's CP Barrier Ratio Needs A Nerf (Eventually)

And maybe her pool cooldowns too, her ult cooldown in general. Not massive, but a small reduction to empowered barrier ratios and at least 10 seconds more on the ult should do it.

I didn’t realize why I love her so much this meta at first but with clockwork, she has defied the nerf to captain item cooldowns with near impunity while having arguably one of the best tools in her arsenal without sacrificing an item slot. Combined with the pool splash slows, she is near ruthless and i don’t even play her as capt.

The barrier she can give as cp capt is so massive empowered it’s a near guaranteed free save or push tool, up way often because of cw and easy procs, and skyrockets maxed and with any good cp on her. Her clam up instantly stops any wind up attack. Her pools just make life hell and she can spam them back to back to back with skill. She’s so brutal midlane to take down while able to dish damage, while staying clear of the fight, that it’s not fair. Even 1v4 can present no problem in a pinch. She could use at least a range nerf of 1 on A and a slightly lowered basic range. If you doubt it just try it. It’s so good it really is toxic but like Reza a few months back I don’t think most people will pick up right away.

Shes a top priority flex pick in 5v5 and i heard shes also picked every game in 3v3. But of course she wont get nerfed because of her high skill cap and people who cant play her drop her winrates.


Lmao I can’t wait to finally rank up some more and see how better players play with heroes like her so bad, but I’m stuck (mostly) carrying my tier to death. Literally.

Really? I’ve been playing tons of 3v3 lately in t10 and havent come across a single lorelai yet. Idris CP seems to be op and top pick rn in 3v3

I played like 20 3v3 games like 3 weeks ago and basically if its not churn you pick lorelai


Yep, enjoy the unbalance.


So true. When the update dropped, krul was strong but people didnt ban him and so i picked lorelai jungle with whatever ranged wp carry and won like all my games in 3v3.

Doesnt Lorelai have a health ratio to her Ultimate?

She has both health and cp ratio kek


And on A side you get either churn or lorelai and B side cant do anything about it smh

Well while you guys talk about Lorelai’s CP ratio on the ult.

Ill be over there talking about how Lyra needs a * 9% → 12% health ratio on her sigil and a * 9% → 13% on Adagio’s A


Funny enough, Lyra is one of the few heroes that counter her. Interesting matchup.

They just need to nerf the natural CP ratio given from her pools. So when all the natural ratios of CP/WP and defense got reduced her natural CP stayed the same. It isn’t a ratio of CP from items like all the other heroes it’s full on crystal power that was intended for the old metas of the game but since it stayed the same and everything else was nerfed she does a lot of damage.

Woah a meta where Lorelai and Churn are the top picks? Sounds like heaven (for me cuz those two are my current faves)!!!

O wait. 5v5 is a yuck.nevermindd

Here pools feel more like AoE roots rather than AoE slows. To much to handle.

Imagine versing a SF, FB, Eve Lorelai and being hit by her A.
Being slowed in the pool while burning to SF and Lorelai healing a good amount of health back.

Frostburn on Lyras A or Lorelai’s A is toxic since its AoE DoT

I love lorelai in 5s, but dislike in 3s. I totally agree, lorelai kit is REALLY strong in 5s.
-Perk and b makes movement crazy fast.
-Pool empowerment does amazing dmg

  • Nice range stun
  • Great barrier
  • Unfased by item changes. Consistent cp power ftw! AC and DE life!

She’s not as powerful in 3v3 due to spacing I find.

@Saint7502 I kinda disagree. I think her empowered stats are fine where AA is concerned. A little strong maybe. Know what, I agree. Nerf the ratio of her empowerment and problem solved, unless they nerf it too much.

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Its for 3v3 though in 5v5 they are also top tier.

Noooooo, no nerf :cry: I’m just starting to get really good at Lorelai, after ignoring her for months :joy: She’s one of the very few bright spots in this dead game

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