Lorelai - Top lane

So I’ve played her a few times in the top lane, she’s actually very good capable of being a late game second support (hybrid offence).

My question is what would you build with her? You want to build HP obviously but you need some CP DMG as well. Thoughts on a build?

She can work really well,

I kind of feel a capacitor plate is an obvious fairly early buy because it gives both armour and shield along with cooldown and health. Other than that an AC seems compulsory and after that I guess it is situational.

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you can either go aftershock or alternating current path.

aftershock is usually if your enemies team have tanky heros…

otherwise go with standard built, alternating + dragon eye

I think she’s good as a tanky support hero in top lane. I build stormcrown and capacitor as a core build then the rest is the situational roam items. Clearing the minion wave will be easy for her with that build and also I won 1v1 when I was in top lane. I also recommend Clockwork for the late game to spam her ulti and her B’s skill for teammate.

CP AC DE RD JB SH/item of choice.

Almost a full-captain sustain wise but with damage and damage scaling. Perhaps throw in a CW as final item.

I don’t get why she’s a good top laner, it’s not like she’s tanky or something. Maybe put Catherine or Adagio there since they have natural tankiness / self healing

She is a zoner who can hold out for quite a while. She can move up river escaping from enemies.

Her pools allow her to dodge skillshots and once she has a fortified position you can’t move into her or you will die. She can hold her own versus quite a few enemies. And though she might not be a generalist like Adagio she is far more mobile than him.

I’d take Lorelai as nr 3 top laner.

Nr 1 being adagio nr 2 being cath. Adagio is seeing bans atm for his top lane power.

I wonder if Phinn (CP) could top lane well.

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Honestly, Lorelai is probably the only hero ( aside from TrashJaw ) that I never play

I understand her multiples builds item-wise and am technically sound ( stutter, rotations, etc ) but I just don’t utilize her to her fullest potential.

When do you use your ult ? If so, as a laner, how often do you give it someone else ?

What do you overdrive ? Why ?

B then A or A then B ? Do you prefer your puddles under you or out in lane more ? Do you make sure you are on one before you drop another ?

Just little things that I never cared to learn

Maybe not Phinn but myself and other, better players have had fun and success with CP Ardan in top lane

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I’m well aware that Catherine and Adagio are meta too laners, but since I main top lane it can and does get a little dull playing the same hero’s over and over. Which is why I’ve posted the question, what’s an optimal build for a hybrid support build?

Reason I feel she is viable is she has decent escape mechanisms offers great late game utility and actually does some pretty serious DMG (70% cp ratio on basics for instance is very good).

Well she gets tanky if you build her towards utility, but more to the point she has huge early game wave clear and wave manipulation which makes her an excellent early turret defender.

Your A’s chew through waves especially if you are empowered, your basics hurt a lot as long as you stand on one of your pools and your Bs make their wave take forever to reach your turret allowing you to clean them up easily.

I told Niv that if he took WP Grace out Adagio would slip right into her place…

Grace is still up there btw - the nerfs while significant haven’t destroyed her as a top laner.

I have run CP Phinn top lane and won with it. I have seen CP Churnwalker run top lane and won with. And Ardan is another viable support top laner.

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Thing is I feel tou need the energy recharge so it’s either a CW or HC guess the advantage to CW is the cool down reduction whilst war treads offers more health so it’s probably preferred.

Seee that’s my quandary how to get around the energy issue whilst still offering team utility.

Ardan is decent, he can do a chunk of DMG with only two items whilst still offering team wide utility.

Another option is to get Rooks Decree and Capacitor Plate both of which give some energy recharge and increase your tankiness and utility. I don’t really like a CW on her because only one ability does damage to enemies.

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Capacitator plate, Rooks Decree, Alternating current, Clockwork, boots, DE/Crucible

Did I hear Top Lane Lorelai? Allow me to enlighten you!

I play top lane Lorelai and this is my build which works really well… most of the time.

AC is the obvious first item. She really needs that CP and attack speed.

Believe it or not, Metal Jacket is a must as a 2nd item. Lorelai is very squishy and needs MJ to survive the brutal bot laners/junglers such as Kestrel, Kensei, etc.

Then afterwards move into a Clockwork or Dragons Eye(I like clockwork because of cooldown and despite her A being the only damageing ability if a new enemy walks right into the fish pool(happens quite often) you still get the 10% cooldown reduction perk which is nice. But DE will be the better option most of the time)

Afterwards I get War Threads or Clockwork(if I haven;t got it yet) and round of with a Capicitors plate and a Rook’s degree.

Lorelai has very High base Damage because of her pools extra CP and despite the fact of having only 2 or 3 CP items, she can output a respectable amount of damage(can reach 50 k with ONLY 2/3 Items)

I find trying to build non carry items on her is not as effective as it is on other top lanes.

I go alternating current, shatter glass, defense, clockwork, defense, boots.

Metal jacket offers you nothing scaling wise… Capacitor Plate, Rooks decree and Crucible do offer scaling…

True but CW allows you to spam your pools which help empower her basics and slow the enemy.