Lorelai is still great

This was a very rough very long match.
I made the difference between win and loss through speedboosting allies and slowing enemies.

The enemy team was rather strong but we pulled through.

My stats are skewed because barriers and saves don’t show.

I had a 1v5 Black Claw steal for example.

I saved several turrets through fishpond->explains my high cs.

Why is she isn’t played more often?


I think a large reason why she isn’t played much is because she doesn’t have a skin yet. So you also can’t get sunlight bonuses if you play her.

Other than that, Lyra is more popular as a bacline support. She is more tried and tested and therefore more reliable for most people.

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Because Lyra is stronger, more useful

I had an enemy team of ranged carries. Lyra’s bulwark does nothing against ranged carries.

Lyra is good at stopping divers but she has no stun.

Catherine would have been kited a lot and Lyra would lose utility versus ranged heroes.

In comes Lorelai. I can cast my slow in front of enemies slowing them and once my allies reach that point they are speed boosted.

She has a perfect engage-disengage kit. Her barrier is the strongest in the game and can help focus fired allies survive

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she is strong against mages , in my games i see less mages in 3v3
most of the time you get krul vox ringo koshka alpha
they all good in to lorelai , she can be good against them but that needs your team understanding

i build clockwork with lorelai and contraption
cooldown build makes you spam your abilities so i can put double water pool and stop enemy from moving , but still the problem your team doesnt know what is happening , and the problem with her barrier it has no speed boost , so its most of the time useless , whenever i time it good on my teammate they backoff while they supposed to go in and fight , like barriers are a little weird in the game , heals better and a lot of players jungler and carries feel comfortable with heals because it doesnt need timing , you just heal and they permanent healed .

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I used CW myself that build but since she only has fishpond to trigger the CW CD I am doubtful if it is the best item on her even when spamming fishpond.

She is hard to play and master as well. Lance and churn are the only harder to play roams now. Her ability interactions make it hard because one has to choose using a pool for empowered abilities or just a normal speed boost/slow. She needs coordinated allies who can make use of her boost/slow or the barrier. She is not that good in soloq but in a party she might be very effective

Recently I started to play 3v3 support (Adagio) and Lorelai looks fine as a second option but have no experience with her. What items are the best for her? I would build war threads, fontaine, contraption, atlas and maybe echo but what else should I choose for 6th item? Some cp for dmg or clockwork? Is stormcrown good for her? Also what abilities need to be maxed? Could you guys give me some useful advice about how to play her?

As much as i hate to send you here this guide should help you


War treads is not necessary if you have a coordinated team. Her pools do the same thing pretty much. Fountain and crucible are good options, and a contraption. You want to focus on cooldown items so you can constantly use your pools. Some would say go clockwork, but if you’re playing as more of a captain and supporter than engager, I’d go halycon chargers or stormcrown, for the extra health and utility. The next two items would be for your CP, so spellfire and frostburn to round out. If you’re actually trying to get kills, get foh, crucible, clockwork, spellfire, dragon eye, and chargers.

Lorelai is powerful from the get-go but 1. Her skill cap is too high and 2. She doesn’t have a skin. That’s why people don’t play her.

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FoR,Crucible,WT,Echo/SC/CW,Shiver/Nullwave, Contraption/SS 2000. Her utility scales with health so building health items will benefit her roam path and get atleast 2 cooldown based items to use pools a lot. Place pools to help your allies- if facing ranged comps and you have divers place it so that you can get both slow and the speed boost out of it. Place stuns to zone people out reaching allies or just force them to stay in the pool, either eat the stun or get ridiculously slowed in the pool .
If your carry is being dived just do the same, place a pool behind them which they can use to kite around and slow the enemy diver.
Use ult if your diver is going for a high priority target like cp Baron or Celeste for that few seconds of nigh invulnerablity or use it on your low health carry and watch dives being spoiled.
Use pools for empowered stun when against high mobility heroes such as skye or koshka for the immediate stun and lock them down with your B.
Shiversteel on lorelai is just so much annoying to face that someone will just give up trying to run away. Shiversteel + proper placed B will help handle even the most mobile heroes.

Unlike Churnwalker where you are reliant on your allies attacking specific hooked targets.

Lorelai can just cast her pools in front of allies on their path and they will pass over it.

The barrier isn’t used much, it is a tool for survival. And ally is locked in a fight and about to die and suddenly he survives!

Its for the cooldown and more energy plus energy recharge
Energy is one of her problem, thats why getting a battery early game very good , you need to spam your abilities late game to be effective , its not easy without clockwork , other roams can get regular cooldown items and get good energy , but lorelai for me needs a clockwork to be good support late game .

I agree that it is a good item on her. It just annoys me that only her fishpond triggers the CD reset compared to other heroes who have 2-3 skills that reset CD.

She is less team reliant than churnwalker but her skills need a good team to make the best out of it. Compared to someone like ardan/Lyra/Grace her kit is complex. Lyra can throw down a heal and it would usually mean heal/speed buff , when my roam Lorelei uses her pool I have to think about why she has used it there(Is it a random pool? Is she expecting a gank? Do I need to be aggressive?) and that sort of communication is difficult in soloq.

The amount of missed sigils compared to pools is very high.

Pool is on a much lower CD and you are over thinking its use since it has multiple purposes.

I change my mind about Lorelai, she’s awesome. Her playstyle is interesting.
But I still think she needs some buff, number buff