Lorelai desperately needs some love

With the lowest pick rate (around 6%) and ban rate (0.2%) Lorelai desperately needs some love. Idk may be a buff, a rework, a skin, whatever good just put in the game.


She is rather strong in a lot of situations.

She simply doesn’t have a skin.

That makes the stats very “fishy”


She has some major flaws when it comes to 5v5, she offers very little peel for her carries and the size of the map means her CC has less of an impact in general. Her stun is very hard to land and she is actually very squishy… so many better options for roam at the moment.

I also feel she require team coordination to make her work, with the majority of players playing soloq it makes it even harder for her to be effective.


Her pools are teamspeed boosts which slow down the enemy. It doesn’t take a genius to walk over a pool of water…

Her fishpond is not harder to hit than flickers A and flicker is meta.

Her barrier is the strongest lifesafer in the game.

Have to disagree with you. They could make some areas a little bigger or give her less cd though.

Minor stuff.

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If someone picks Lorelai into Koshka, Reza, Alpha, I’ll know its gonna a hard match

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Lorelai was drowning in popularity when she was released, shame she was left in the deep end after all the nerfs. Hopefully she can get a buff again so she can dive straight back into the meta, she’s a fun hero for sure. Deserves better than she’s got.


in the right hands, lorelai is amazing. she has an amazing barrier, a pool version of vanguard except better, and a low cooldown, albeit hard to land stun.
her stun and barrier are greatly enhanced when used with a pool. that’s the difference between good and bad lorelais, bad lorelais just use their ult without a pool, but the pool gives it a boost.
is she underpowered? no. underappreciated for sure though. the healing capabilities of adagio lyra and grace are toogod, so theyre the more reliable pick. flicker’s stealth is also great without much vision control. imo, all lorelai needs is a bit less delay on her A kinda like what they did with reza, then lorelai will be perfect.
also cp lorelai best lorelai

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Flickers strength comes from his perk and the fact he can drop his A at any time to peel for allies. He also has a very low skill cap (it isn’t hard to run around whilst cloaked).

Llorelai on the other hand has an incredible high skill cap (she has to chain skills), assassins and dive comps negate her pools (arghhh fortress and his A ability) and her stun is far to difficult to land (if she lands a stun its the targets fault imo). She has the lowest ban rate, the lowest pick rate and one of the worst win rates. I’ve not seen her played by any pro for months as the rest of the roams offer so much more and when I’ve played with her in rank we’ve lost.

Sure he barrier is great, but Ardan has a similiar barrier which is up every 8/10 seconds which also provides a slow etc.

Personally think they should forget roaming with her and make her a CP mage, that’s how most played her when she was strong.

It isn’t really a buff she needs but skins.


Her mage side is the weak side. No slow and a very short stun…

Her mage side was the broken side which is why she got nerfed so hard… was a period when everyone was playing her in lane in 3v3.

When will you start your career in advertising?

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People probably don’t play her because she requires a bit high skill cap.

“Highest ban rate” yeaaaa, you just answered your statement. I dont mean to brag but to me, her stun is easy to land. ALL of her abilities place a pool of water that EMPOWERS her abilities and attacks. Her barrier is also one of the strongest barriers.

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Tbh her ult is just a glorifed Ardan’s A. I think it needs the ability to cleanse and block further negative effects to her target to make it worth the CD

I can’t speak to high-tier play, but I’m having a lot of fun with Lorelai around T7/8. She’s pretty great with CP SAW in the early game… the Suppressing Fire, Fishfood, Roadie Run combo is not only amazing, it’s hilarious to see it work.

When’s the last time you looked at her stats and ability info?

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Oh crap so it will further block negative effects for the duration of the ability.
Ps I’ve never had a Lorelai to cover my butt whenever I used SAW so Idk what it would be like.

it’s also fun(ny) when you use an empowered barrier on a dying ally when they get dove and the barrier just takes up a huge part of their hp bar. best feeling as lorelai imo


Why can’t they just make her ult grants CC immunity

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The ability does cleanse from all debuffs…