Looks like VG’s name has been changed in the AppStore

I may be late on this, but I just found out SEMC changed VG’s name on the AppStore and Google Play to “Vainglory 5V5” sometime after 3.0’s launch.

IMO, the banner on the app icon is enough to convey the message that VG has 5v5, but putting 5V5 in the app name as well is kinda off-putting for me because it overly adds clickbait for downloads.

Old news. Honestly it was expected.

Youre late for that … are u using internet explorer?


Even the app icon says you’re late.


clickbait means something else. :slight_smile:
If the name leads to more downloads, you already explained why they will use it in the first place. They want people to know instantly that this game has 5vs5, especially considering it’s an old game that most of the seasoned players will already know and that it doesn’t have 5vs5.

They changed their name on Facebook to ‘Vainglory 5v5’ as well.

Now that is beyond ridiculous.

actually, i take that back. they haven’t. i swore that they did though. my mistake.

Mandela effect

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