Looking to and through Adagio

VHello and once again I’ll be talking about adagio and where he stands past, present, and future and what areas he is good at and what you might need to watch out for. Let’s have a look at Adagio



Since this isn’t a full hero spotlight and just summary I’ll make things quick about his kit like sonic in bed.

Adagio’s Arcane Fire provides some nice damage even when he is going support or tank(yes there is a difference I’ll explain later) and be a huge gateway for him to bully you easily. But Arcane of Fire is his A’s passive and not his heroic perk you quickly assume. Yes this is true but just like churn needs his hook Adagio needs his Gift of Fire to access his Heroic Perk. His heroic perk is that he gains 25% energy back from any target that takes damage while they are on fire. Not only are you on fire but they’re now trying to kick the living shit out of you while so. It really helps Adagio becuase his abilities cost more energy then a nuclear power plant can provide. Like seriously I know Ringo and Glaive have thier fair share but when your B cost almost as much energy as ult if not more if you choose to max out your B instead of your ult. But this is good, why? Well Adagio back in the day was a free bully hero, his abilities cost little and his passive aloud him to get back more then he bargained for almost every time. So SMEC made a smart move here. But let’s continue.

Adagios A is Gift of Fire. Adagio can choose any ally or himself to give a burst heal and some constant healing for a short duration. Any enemies near the target being healed will be applied with Arcane Fire. If enemies are near Adagio they will be applied the Arcane Fire and be slowed for 70% for a very short duration. This is like your set up ability for everything to earn thier extra stats. Though not really necessary to use your other abilities unlike other heroes (churn) it’s good way to secure a lot of things in your kit and keep you alive and your allies alive. It’s like when you got a boo boo on your arm but instead of your mom giving you a bandaid Adagio heals it up and burns the playground to the ground. It’s slightly scales with health you get from items or bonus health and scales better with Crystal power. I’ll touch that subject later too.

Next up is Adagio’s B which has gone through a lot out of his kit. Adagio’s B is Agent of Wrath. Adagio can apply this to his allies giving them a small damage boost in the form his crystal power. This applies to your basic attacks and not skills. Any target hit by Adagio’s Arcane Fire wil receive extra crystal damage and if Adagio applies his B onto himself he will deal even more damage. It’s like Adagio went and got some steroids and then put on those muscle inflatables from sponge bob. This has a duration and a certain amount of basic attacks before it runs out. Yeah remember Adagio saw. All effects here scale with cp even the extra damage boosts.

Adagio’s C is he tired of your shit and now he bring the pain. After 2 seconds of casting Adagio will rain freaking hell from heaven and deal significant damage to enemies in the circle. Any enemies applied with Arcane Fire will be stunned. Adagio also gains fortified health during the casting time that at level 1 out forts skaarfs level 3. What the fuck man let the flying baby catapillar have his fun. This is a huge cc or just pure damage, this can make enemies run around it causing thier escapes to be longer or turn tail and acccept thier fate. To be even to take damage can cuase a team fight to change and if you’re stunned, welp you done deserve to be stunned. Adagio has to be still meaning if you’re caught you probably deserved what ever is to come.

Adagio is a Support not a tank, he can try to be a tank but his health doesn’t let that happen easily. He sits at the second lowest health support in the game currently and his kit is high risk and high reward. Adagio has to be engaged, he or his teammates need to be near the enemy for the extra parts of his kit and even his passive to work. And to pull of the stun or to get the ult to do damage Adagio has to literally run into the enemy just like your adc ringo is doing. Adagio also teeters probably the most out of all the supports as a viable carry. With everything scaling nicely with his cp counter part it’s no wonder Adagio is recommended to have atleast a dragons eye in there when he is even going support. Adagio sits in a good place currently he just takes but to master and has to be very picky on when he uses his abilities. He is a really good bully’s against squishies and can even hold lane against them when he supports but becuase he is squishy too he has to watch out not only for his health but his mana too. I don’t see Adagio needing to be changed unless something major happens. He currently sits mid area on the chosen list which is a shame because he can be so much fun when you get rock know him

I hope you guys liked what I had to say and if you have anything you want to say don’t forget to comment. It’s always fun to discuss things with people.


Dude giant wall of text without saying anything. You put effort in I see that but go deeper this is very superficial.

Adagio hp tank makes him a better burst healer.
Adagio as a zoner.
Adagio as a dive comp support.

You can improve this post and make it more of a guide like my midlane adagio thread.


Cp seems ok right now but as a support he needs to be buffed

You think so? How do you think he should be buffed as a support without making his carry too strong?

Could make his ult a slow which you can’t escape, and a stun if applied with arcane fire. Buff his heal maybe have it grant a barrier or a slow effect…

Problem I find with adagio is he offers zero utility, no crowd control… time they unleashed his full power!

Adiago is almost made to lean into either doing damage while supporting his team, or doing healing while minimal damage, and taking advantage of stun. Those are the most functional ways to build him. I agree that building him as a tank doesn’t really take advantage of his kit.

Damage and cooldown or health/utility & cooldown. That’s about it. If you do decide to build him as a tank, going WP and taking advantage of some kinda cd is an option, but it stretches him kinda thin, makes him good at…not much, as far as I’ve seen.

FB and SF to make gift of fire burn heal slow and apply mortal wound all at once haha.

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Go CP +HP items like crucible and wartreads. Or SH and WT when going full CP for more burst heal.

Superscout offers hp and cd too

increasing his healing scaling (with Health), reduce the time that his ult requieres to be cast, adding a slow in his A when casted into allies (reduced one, maybe only 30-40%) so he doesn’t need to get out of position to use this part of his kit… these are only some examples, there are many ways to improve him. Also, his CP path is not as strong as he used to be, now is his WP path the one chosen by almos every Adagio’s players

Thank you guys so much for replying I’m getting some nice insight on how others play Adagio and use his kit. Thank you :blush:

Check out Gabevizzle on YouTube, he has been using Adagio as top laner to great effect…