Looking for dedicated players to form a high tier team

I’m looking for players from the EU region to form a team that will compete in the upcoming season in 5v5 as well as 3v3. It would be nice to see people that have golden tickets but it’s not necessary. Currently I am playing Top lane and the second member of the team is focused on bot lane. We are looking for Mid lane, Jungle and Roamer position.

Player Requirements:

  • T8+
  • Discord
  • Positive minded
  • Decent level of English
  • Flexible with the timing of playing

If you want to get in touch to try out in some casuals add me or my teammate; IGN: UnluckySnorlax or pakeyes. Discord : UknownUser#3182 , danielrushton99#9905

I can be Midlane and Roamer if you needed. My IGN is: BlueLycan, right now I am gold T9.
I don’t have golden ticket but I have examined the 5v5 very carefully, properly I will do good when 5v5 aproach!

I always have positive minded but I also love sarcasm! :love_you_gesture:

could I have your discord or can you add me ?