Looking for a new tablet; what do you recommend?

I’m looking to get a new tablet.
I’m currently using an iPad Air 2. It’s had many years of abuse and has slowed down over the past year.
The highest I’m willing to pay for would be a 10.5" iPad Pro, but I think I want something a little cheaper ($400-$500). Does anyone have any suggestions?
NVidia K1 is off the board, because you can only get them used and they’re getting old anyway.
I’ve heard that the Samsung Tabs don’t last long.

I don’t really care if it’s iOS or Android.

Any suggestions?

Buy my ipad 1


Maybe you could sell it to a museum?

lol even my ipad 2 can run 5v5. But as for what tablet, I think you should go for an ipad if you have more apple products at home cause you need them to get to potential for an ipad. As for android I don’t know of any good tablet( this is coming from a person who chooses android over ios). If your budget allows get a s8 or s9 as they have a big screen or even oneplus 5t is great to play vg on.

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Sadly you are in the wrong time of year to buy a new tablet the best thing is to wait until fall when companies are fighting to catch the back to school rush. A lot of new releases and deals happen making most anything you buy behind

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