Looking for a new device for vg

smh i regret getting this phone for my birthday.
I’m using a huawei y7 with a 2.5ghz octa core processor, with an atrocious snapdragon 435 gpu. this clunker seems to lag everysingle time i play heores like vox cough my main cough, ringo, to name a few. In intense teamfights the framerate drops to about 10fps
I’m looking for a new device that i can play vg with, preferring a device that gets the most bang for buck deal. Note that i cant buy some phones such as xiaomi since they dont sell them here in good old New Zealand.
NB: snapdragon 625 is still pretty trash for this game, so im not looking for phones with that gpu

Did you try to change the graphics quality from auto to low in the settings? Otherwise the adreno GPU in sd 435 is really bad, true. SD 625 will do a lot better, but still bad. You will need a SOC (system on a chip) with atleast adreno 509/510 to play normally. My HTC M8 is playing the game in medium gfx super fluid (snapdragon 801/adreno 330 @ 1080p resolution), runs mostly smooth in high too (really rare frame drops). My s7e exynos is handling it good in high quality and 1440p.

What’s your budget, also preferred brand?

Honestly one plus devices seem to be always good


@cha0z I’m starting to get hooked into buying phones from oneplus, as suggested by @Shrewd since i have a oart time job i can alwayds save up for the money

For gaming they are great, if on budget would look even at oneplus 3 or 3t - on oreo and with snapdragon 820/821 that is more than capable to run smooth VG at high settings on the fullHD screen. 5T is also nice and 6 ofc is the best bet from all, but not cheap.

go with ip7 or ip8
i can’t go wrong

Try to go for an older flagship, cheaper and more powerful than most mid-rangeers these days; you can always root it if you want to update your device.

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i would recommend a tablet over a phone. cheaper, bigger and almost as portable.

it just won’t fit in your pocket, which is easily worked around.

but if you’re dead set on a phone… go high end. Sure it cost more, but will outlast for years, so the cost per year would be pretty much the same as getting a cheap phone that only last 1 year.

yah tbh i thought abt it and decided not to buy a tablet.

fair enough. don’t count it out thou… keep it as an option… It took me a very long time to finally cave in to get a tablet and never regretted it.

I personally went for the Oneplus 6, Everything is flawless (about $600: 8GB Ram snapdragon 845 is more than enough)
What I would recommend is to first look at your budget IMO id rather upgrade my phone once and not have to upgrade for another couples years so i went for a higher and price point

Also i believe longevity is key hence why i went for a very spec heavy phone unlike say an apple device where its optimized to the teeth but its specs are lack luster (especially for their price) software is easier to replace than hardware.

Then after those look at the companies to buy from, I have owned LG, Oneplus, Sony, Windows, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and Asus smart mobile devices so speaking from my own experience il rate them

*Note Quality Phone means no Speed issues, Stuttering, Random Shutdowns, Crashes, etc.

LG: Consistent Updates, OK specs for the time, Quality phone all together, Survived a fair amount of drops and damage. 7.5/10

Oneplus: 8.75/10 Occassional Updates (havent been using it too long), Fantastic specs for its time, Quality phone, havent dropped it.

Sony: GOD awful when an update came around they usually caused more problems than fixed, OK specs but poor optimization led to overheating from my phone being pushed to its limits all the time, Survived a fair amount of drops 5/10

Windows: Updates? What are those…, yea dont touch a windows phone. IDK if VG is even on their marketplace. Most apps arent. 3/10

HTC: Occasional Updates ,Quality phone, OK specs, Survived MANY drops. Did well no complaints. 6.5/10

Motorola: Occasional updates, Experienced dips in performance everynow and then but lived much more than its expected lifespan, OK specs, Survived so many drops im giving it a NOKIA rating, 7/10

Samsung: They do updates whenever they feel like it, Quality phones even on their potato non flagships, Ok-Fantastic Specs (depends on your wallet), Survived many drops, 7.75/10

Asus: Rarely update (however i didnt exactly have any bugs/issues so i guess thats fine?), Quality phone, Fantastic Specs, Survived many drops 7.75/10 (btw so hyped for their gaming phone they are working on)

If you have any questions feel free to drop them on me il help where i can

not all of my info may still hold true to these companies so if anyone says otherwise i could very well be wrong, except for windows and apple. Thats just facts.

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only thing is, i got fat fingers. Should i look for a tablet or stick to a phone but use a stylus?
how do you even use a stylus for vg…
oh i remember druid using a stylus, can someone link me a vid that shows him using it?


Similar topic on old forum couldnt find a vid of druid

Id say stick to the phone since your used to it just get a larger phone. Most Highend phones are still going through their “Bigger is Better” phase so any flagship android is quite large
Also switching to a tablet playstyle takes time to adapt (I tried, ended up dropping 2 subtiers in 3v3 ranked before i gave up and went back to the phone. Its just because there is a large difference between holding the device and playing with your thumbs to playing on a flat surface with your pointer fingers.

Also dont forget VG is going crossplat to PC sooooo (if your gonna drop some money towards gaming you can always build a PC)

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I don’t really recommend the styus, it takes some serious getting used to. Xiaomi and honor make some good spec phones for less than most flagships, can’t attest to their quality tho. An older flagship or a refurbished phone might be your best bet if you don’t plan on spending 600+ on a new device.

Wow. holly Cow dude. you’ve gone through a fair few phones.

I can back your statement about Sony updates. lol. frustrating. I don’t know why i stick with them… maybe i like that camera too much.

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I think Xiaomi in particular was ruled out in the OP, as they do not distribute to NZ. That’s true for a lot of countries - but as there’s always the option of imports (if you’re willing to risk life without warranty, and can find a reliable vendor doing re-sales without smuggling bloat- and spyware on the OS):

In my experience, Xiaomi’s quality is top of the line. Price/Performance ratios are astounding, and I’m especially happy with how the batteries are holding up, despite heavy use.
The best offers are usually mid-range devices (that’s price-point - chipsets will be flagship), which often tend to be cheapest around release.

My suggestion would be:

  • Watch for a new release with specs you like.
  • Do your homework, look for reviews.
  • Buy early, before the price hike.
  • Always check the official forums before an OS update. (Updates are frequent, but they’ve been a little flaky in the bugs category for some devices, lately.)

Tablets don’t have the required specs…
At least no low budget tablet…

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