Looking for a guild (NA)

I really want an active guild - my current one sucks as it is full of inactive people and is pretty low.

For those of you who care: 5v5 rank is 6 (bronze) and 3v3 is currently 5 bronze. I’m sure I could get higher if I spent more time on ranked. I’m actually pretty good, play with me to find out. I do take criticism, if it helps me play better.

I’m looking for a guild with active people who don’t mind playing in a group. (duh) I usually play in quiet areas, thus I do not use voice chat. I find paying attention to the pings works just fine for me. (I use pings a lot) But if you do have a discord I will join for guild posts, etc. I play casual or competitive, depends on the place/situation.

I also don’t trash talk, but I will offer advice. ( I’m not saying I’m a pro, I’m sure most people on this forum are better than me.)


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